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The Connections between Milab, Love Bite...

The Connections between Milab, Love Bite and SRA Experiences: An Overview  of Carmen Struder’s Interview with Amanda Buys

I recently viewed a phenomenal interview of Amanda Buys, a Christian minister and SRA counselor in South Africa. The topic of the interview is entitled: Montauk, Druids, Oak Tree and Twins | Questions and More w/ Amanda Buys. In this interview Carmen and Amanda discuss detailed information regarding the Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors’ experiences involving […]

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Enabling Narcissists is a Form of Suicid...

Enabling Narcissists is a Form of Suicide: Eve Lorgen with James Bartley on the Cosmic Switchboard Show

James Bartley and I discuss the real ramifications and finer nuances of what it really means to enable a narcissist in ones life, community or spiritual arena. I share the real dangers and reality of Complex Trauma, especially within the anomalous trauma experience, and how the inter-dimensional entities, negative ETs, milab handlers or other demonic […]

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Eve Lorgen on Michael Decon’s “End of Da

Eve Lorgen on Michael Decon’s “End of Days” show Jan. 26, 2019

I was on the End of Days Radio Show with Michael Decon and several ladies for a “Ladies Night” show.  We discussed the history of the “Alien Love Bite” experience in alien abductions and milabs, as well as hyperdimensional interference “handling” of love relationships. I did admit to some earlier life “ailen abduction” related experiences […]

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