Eve Lorgen with Erik Burkholder on Surface Planet Radio 4/23/24

The Big Picture of it All

In this hour and a half discussion with Erik, we were able to cover many topics related to the current disclosure testimonies, many milab assets who were given over as children to special unacknowledged access projects that have MK ultra and trauma based mind control as a foundation. Many who have various disclosure channels speak on “whistleblowing” topics, but most do not delve into the underbelly of their “being given over by their parents” who are essentially Hierarchy System Family members. Or they are connected to this via a conundrum of alphabet soup agency and military industrial complex family careers.(Or organized crime occult brotherhood families)

In our discussion it is hypothesized that many alien abductees and those who are active in the Galactic Federation channeling cults of alleged benevolent ET beings from other worlds, may also be “project children” acting out programs from deep trauma that parallels what we see in many cult and ritual abuse recovery testimonies.

Erik shares his former shows with ex vampire cult people, and so much more. I assert that the most important thing all of us and survivors can do is complex trauma recovery, spiritual prayer and discernment on the levels that often delude us: family systems and emotional intelligence. What is often a simple tool of “handling” people to remain in the confusion of disempowered chaos (and programming) is unrecovered narcissistic family systems. This means moving that system of belief, conditioning and behaviors out of you, so that we are more resilient to the more subtle forms of being handled and “targeted”. Our freedom and victory is in our recovery from Complex Trauma, mind control and restoration of our true eternal spirit in wholeness and integration.

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