Supernatural Traumas and Early Trauma Entrapment – Eve Lorgen with James Bartley on the Cosmic Switchboard Show (5/23/24)

In this show James and I speak of the current trends observed in the UFO/ET Disclosure movement, themes in the ET experiences over time.

  • Pollyanna Ascension ideations and over skeptical views of androgenous ETs, all demons or no recovered alien bodies, just demons, etc.
  • Obliviousness, Pierre Sabak’s etymological research, ancient languages depicting “invading alien armies” celestial vessels and alien sailors, reptilians.
  • The lack of unified front in disclosure, limitations in general, controlled opposition, same pathologies and mindsets portrayed, documentaries, contactees, abductees, same ones etc., Galactic Fed, love and light, galactic council. No hard core stuff.
  • Non human alien control system
  • Passivity programming , multigenerational abuse,( Cathy O Brien’s testimony of generational inheritances) spiritual warfare.
  • Real reason behind JFK assassination, aliens in human skin suits and more.
  • Mention of the human and ET created/conceptions of humunculuos babies/hybrids and a tip to watch Caleb Jade’s “Decoding of the Cabbage Patch Kids video.
5/23/24 Eve Lorgen with James Bartley: Current Trends in UFO/ET Disclosure and Truther movement

This is the link to the Caleb Jade “Cabbage Patch Kids” Decode on Chantelle Meybourgh Aquarius Rising Channel:

Are ET/human Hybrid Babies Similar to the Cabbage Patch Created Humunculuos Babies?
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