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Whistleblower Randy Cramer Tells About S...

Whistleblower Randy Cramer Tells About Secret Military Operations on Mars

Disclaimer: I do not necessarily agree with the views, opinions or statements of those I interview. Furthermore, I firmly believe that the consistent dedication to healing, recovery and clearing of traumas and interdimensional entities/parasites is extremely important for ANY whistleblower, milab, supersoldier or alien abductee giving testimony. Note: Images have been resized and the multiple […]

Interview of Eve Lorgen by Corvo in Engl...

Interview of Eve Lorgen by Corvo in English

1/27/014 This is a written interview of me from an Italian colleague and researcher/author named Corvo. This interview is originally in Italian and can be found at: An earlier post in Italian regarding my work and book, “The Love Bite” can also be found at: 1) Eve , thank you for accepting this interview . […]

Abductees Discuss Reptilian Military Tra...

Abductees Discuss Reptilian Military Training, Command, Ritual and Structure

Matt R. article on Reptlians, Occult, Military and Royal Ceremony behaviors: This is a two part article about several reptilian abductee’s experiences which describe reptilian military training, ceremony, ritual and behaviors. Simon Parkes 2012 AMMACH interview is highlighted where Simon talks about being trained by reptilians within a military command training structure. Matt R. also […]