Testimonial June 2020

A letter of Gratitude from Markus N. Yochim Ms.D:

In attending Eve Lorgen Love Bite support group I am forever grateful for the healing, insight, and esoteric understandings.  Eve allows you to be at ease as she provides a safe space to be vulnerable.  This allowed me to openly share and to clear some past & present traumas.  Through her insights and experience with Alien Love Bites, I am reminded that there are more solutions than problems.  Full expressions are encouraged as problems are listened to, reflected upon and are delicately handled and managed well.    

Overall Evie has a solid warm presence, providing comforting and genuine support as she understands the impact of a Cluster B (interspecies predator) on individual and couples relationships.    

I found the readings and videos to be enormously helpful.     

My lifelong complicated personal challengers were put into a larger perspective allowing for greater self respect and the resolution of emotional flashbacks.          

I am looking forward to further groups and any mentoring programs as they are implemented.  

Thank you Eve for your kindness, caring and understanding. 

In Light,

Markus N. Yochim Ms.D 

Testimony 1/2011:

Eve is one of my heroes, and I feel she understand things about the world more clearly than just about anyone, writing about them articulately, and helping people personally, with her spacious compassionate presence. She has told me about her excellent methods of helping others all along who have undergone anomalous traumas, and we have shared experiences to help each other gain more understanding and be more effective.

I’ve always admired her work with others, her ability to be there for me with such clarity and genuine caring, and then when we did the hypnosis session, she helped me move through my feelings and discover what was beneath them in a beautiful way that helped me transform. I felt much lighter and more confident afterwards, with images that stuck in my mind as guiding symbols.

Eve has given of herself to the world in ways that required incredible strength and dedication, attention and the ability to put together pieces of conceptual puzzles that only a brilliant person could manage. She is one of the key pieces of the puzzle in this world herself, I feel, helping to explain things that help us move forward with better decisions and illumination.

Tantra Bensko 1/2011


Testimony 5/2011

Knowing Eve a little over a decade now, I know she is one dedicated researcher who has helped many find their road to sanity again. for we are not crazy, many of us have a traumatic, very frightening anomalous events happening in our lives and Eve has the ability if not to decode but to help clients to become empowered against our aggressors.

I am one of those people who she’s helped. She in turn is one of my dearest friends that I can always rely on when things start getting weird and wild in my life. As a researcher myself being on a similar path – it was easy to talk to her and understand the courage, strength and fortitude it takes to follow this path. Well, as I have always said, someone’s got to do it, even if there’s only a handful of people left researching such anomalous trauma. I guarantee Eve Lorgen is very dedicated on this slippery roadway and is a confidential, trustworthy person.

Colleen Johnston: 05/2011 www.maar.us


Testimony June 2011:

I highly recommend Eve Lorgen!  I reached out to Eve after several months of emotional drain and exhaustion from a paranormal-influenced relationship.  Who else is there when you need to talk with someone about this kind of thing?!  Unfortunately, I know from personal experience that there’s little to no help out there.  On the other hand, Eve is a therapist, who is also very knowledgeable about the paranormal and anomalous.

She was easy to talk with, compassionate, calm and focused.  She helped me to reduce my panic and stress level and to feel sane and confident again.  She offered tools so that I could help myself on a daily or even hourly basis when needed.  Eve was patient and supportive all along the way, as well as “available” during the more critical tough times.

One of the tools that Eve suggested is Flash Mental Simulation (FMS). Eve guided me through this method and closely followed up.  From the start, Eve’s professional experience, knowledge and skills — along with FMS — helped me to start to take control of my life again.  I was determined, so I worked hard every day.  In the end, I learned how to connect more deeply to my own source of empowerment and soul energy. Eve served a crucial, pivotal role in helping through me through a very difficult paranormal intrusion.

Thank you, Eve!  I’m extremely grateful to you!


June 2011


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