The Reptilian Occupation/Toxic Social Engineering – James Bartley, Eve Lorgen, Nate & Dean

11/30/23 Show with James Bartley, Nathan Ciznek, Dean Palmer with Rob of the Typical Skeptic Podcast: 

  • History of UFO/ET original witness silencing, deaths in official circles. James cites his interview with Donald Schmidt on Roswell Investigations
  • The deliberate discrediting of Paul Bennowitz to downplay real alien tech, communications and presence in underground bases working with human secret government and military groups
  • Milabs and abductees as many of the subpopulations given over from original faustian bargains in the Eisenhower era working with mil industrial complex and aerospace companies and “family systems”
  • Milabs and abductees as early test cases of control, manipulation and experimentation with implants and alien AI tech
  • Barbara Bartholic and Dr. Karla Turners expose on the testimonies of “underground base processing plants” and dark side of reptilians, greys and nefarious human involvment
  • Classic disruption, narrative control and shifting from real witness testimonies to the watered down cherry picked data and pabulum of benevolent ET groups via channeling, and other gaslighting tactics from the Luciferian controlling groups of these projects and agendas. Disclosure tactics by people not involved in original witness groups and people
  • Aliens as parasites and Identity Theft strategies, individually and globally with the human race
  • Social engineering with high tech, AI alien hacking and Luciferian strategies
  • Original Awareness of eternal spiritual identity is needed to override the counterfeit copying and identity theft issues affecting humanity
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