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  • Eve Lorgen with Chantelle Meyburgh on Aquarius Rising 2/16/24

    I had a delightful interview and discussion with Chantelle on my research and Anomalous Trauma counseling related to the Alien Love Bite, Dark Cupid and False Twin Flame scenarios. These are the bullet points of some of the topics brought up: Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvXoIRqYG_A&t=125s

  • Exopolitics Interview of Eve Lorgen with Michael Salla

    How ETs Manipulate Human Relationships in Abduction Programs This interview was recorded in late December 2023 My overall comments on the interview is that I really aimed to tell as much as I could, I admit I babbled on when I could have paused with more silent spaces.My apologies for that, I admit I was…

  • Eve Lorgen with Ari Kopel

    Part 2 of Alien Manipulation : 12/8/23 In this interview I discuss some new developments with the recent Ted Rice communication. He is the abductee in the late Dr. Karla Turner’s Masquerade of Angels book written decades ago. We talk about some new insights into alien manipulation via virtual reality scenarios as described in Ted…

  • James Bartley, Eve Lorgen, Nate & 7alon – Reptilian Agenda, Toxic Social Engineering. Part 2

    In this panel discussion, we all cover a range of current topics: The Disclosure Dog and Pony Show with official sources versus the real histories of original witnesses and why real truth never emerges when it comes to the culprits behind the UFO/UAP and alien/ET abduction situation Abductees and milabs as the early test subjects…

  • The Reptilian Occupation/Toxic Social Engineering – James Bartley, Eve Lorgen, Nate & Dean

    11/30/23 Show with James Bartley, Nathan Ciznek, Dean Palmer with Rob of the Typical Skeptic Podcast: 

  • Predatory Aliens, The Love Bite and Psychic Vampirism

    Bullet Points of Interview: Interview of Eve Lorgen with Paul Ponnsot of France, 11/25/23 odysee.com audeladelillusion@pauletlenaponssot

  • Alien Manipulation

    Eve Lorgen on Ari Kopel’s shattering the Matrix Show Description: Premiered Nov 4, 2023 Eve Lorgen joins Ari Kopel on Shattering The Matrix to speak about the Alien manipulation, MILABS, Secret Space Program, Reptilian Aliens, Interdimensional Interference, Curses, Entity Removal, Shapeshifting, Shamans, and so much more!

  • Eve Lorgen Interviews for July-August 2023

    Here are several interviews which were conducted in July and August 2023 on the topic of Alien Love Bite, The overall UFO/ET disclosure themes playing out and elements related to alien visitations, invasions, manipulations, mind control, dream hacking and more. 7/30/23 James Bartley and Eve Lorgen with Rob at Typical Skeptic: Uncovering Truther Psyops, Negative…

  • Complex Trauma Recovery and Pitfalls to Healing

    Over the years my work in Anomalous Trauma has led me to valuing an understanding and practice of complex trauma recovery. In my early years of researching the Alien Abduction experience, milabs, Mk Ultra, Cult abuse and especially narcissistic abuse, certain things kept surfacing that tended to sabotage true recovery from trauma. Although there is…

  • Dreamwork and Anomalous Trauma Support Group

    When: Fridays October 14-November 18, 2022, from 1-3 pm EasternHow: Online Zoom group, 2 hours each week on Friday afternoons 1-3 pm Eastern time for 6 weeks. Cost: $200.00 for the entire 6 week course/group Focus Areas of Support and Exploration: Weekly check-ins on how you are doing with with respect to awareness, healing and…