By Eve Lorgen, MA

The heart of the matter lies in matters of the heart. Our human passions. Current investigative methods struggle to comprehend UFO encounters and alien visitations. As a result, we are left with compartmentalization and confusion regarding alien abductions, and their true motives for interacting with humanity. In Scavengers of Passion I discuss the importance of alien manipulated love relationships, how to detect them and offer deeper insights into the abduction phenomena. Cases in “The Love Bite” and new findings are brought to light, disclosing the connections between alien and military abductions, possible genetic correlations with human bonding and sexuality. In addition, a basic overview of mind control and conditioning presents us with a design of how an intelligent alien species could control and manipulate our perception of reality. Ancient Gnostic research indicates that our contemporary views of the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis may be in need of a revision.

Since the publication of The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships in 2000, I have met many more experiencers of “alien relationship manipulations.”  As some abduction researchers have already commented: “The alien abduction syndrome is not going away, and continues to happen.” We have been forced to expand our viewpoints and definitions of alien encounters. It didn’t take me long to realize that what I have written about in particular—alien manipulation—wasn’t going to get the approval of mainstream Ufology, nor society in general. If it wasn’t the alien love bite that was taboo, then milabs were doubly mocked and marginalized. (Milabs:  Individuals abducted by aliens as well as human military or intelligence groups. This term can be used describing an event or individuals undergoing military abduction.)

What is going on here, I wondered?  So I set out to do the research and writing and follow my gut instinct about what I really think the aliens—and others are doing and why.

Before elaborating, I want to let the reader know that until relatively recently I had no intentions of continuing research, consulting and writing in this field. I set out on a spiritual quest practicing meditation, yoga, lucid dreaming, shamanic training and traditional counseling. This helped to clarify and strengthen me to deal with longstanding issues.

I have come to believe our perceptions are colored by the degree of our fears and desires, and in order to have a clearer perception of the alien presence and motives, I knew spiritual mind training was necessary. Ethics and compassion opened the doorway, yet detachment from certain desires and fears was a key in eliminating the power source the aliens feed on to fuel their machinations, especially love relationship manipulations. This however, was a personal realization, and may not be true for other experiencers of the alien abduction syndrome.


Alien Manipulated Love Relationships

Let me describe what “an alien love bite” is, and how it manifests in the abductee’s life. In my book, The Love Bite, I cover 10 case histories of couples caught in alien manipulated love relationships.

A classic pattern involves childhood bonding scenarios with two potential love partners targeted by their alien handlers. Years or months may pass before the two see one another again. Oftentimes the pairings take place within abduction settings or are remembered as dreams. The events can take place while being physically taken to another environment, on a craft, or even in an out of body state. More subtle orchestrations, such as being immersed in a virtual reality scenario, or flooded with mental imagery while physically in bed, are reported.  These bondings may include playtime scenarios, dating themes and sexual activity. Many abductees do not fully recall the number of bonding events and may only be left with a strong visual image of the lover’s face—and an obsession to find this person.

The love obsession itself sets off a series of emotional highs and lows with correspondent paranormal features, such as spontaneous remote viewing images of the targeted partner, empathic and telepathic connections with the partner, Telesthesia, and out of body, “astral,” visitations with the mate. Telesthesia can be described as the perception of the energy field of another individual, which interacts with the person (i.e., sexual union or soul immersion) while the couple is physically separated many miles. (It can happen with aliens or even angelic beings too). Bizarre synchronicities regarding the targeted partner occur repeatedly in such a way as to maximize the need to be with the lover, fueling the obsession.

Then the inevitable happens, the targeted partner is switched off, emotionally unplugged, leaving the obsessed partner in a state of unrequited love. The switching off has been associated with alien visitations and abductions where the manipulation took place. These are not normal love relationships where one or the other partner wants to break up. These are clearly orchestrated and manipulated with full effects bordering on the very unusual—especially the paranormal features.


Scavengers of Passion

If it hadn’t been for the anecdotal “alien love bite” within the abduction experience, the working hypothesis regarding the aliens’ true motives wouldn’t have been unveiled .The hypothesis is that the aliens (at least certain species such as Grays, Reptilians and Draconians) harvest human emotional energy, specifically the primal creative energy exuded during a high drama, romantic obsession. This may include energy chakra manipulations, as described fully in the Ted Rice case. (Ted’s case is in The Love Bite and Dr. Karla Turner’s book, Masquerade of Angels) This does not invalidate that a genetic hybridization program is also going on with the aliens and particular bloodlines that interest them. Indeed, it is clear certain ET groups are watching over and heavily interacting with specific bloodlines of humans and suspected human-alien hybrids.

In the Mia Adams and Jordan case, in The Love Bite, the abductee was told she is part alien in some way. It is my understanding through private conversations; Mia understands this to mean she may be part alien-human—a hybrid. Jordan told Mia (through his intelligence agency contacts) that the aliens were intent on determining the influence of “non-tangible energy fields” in human emotional bonding. In my opinion as a former biochemist, I believe it is possible mitochondrial DNA is an important factor associated with non-tangible energy fields, in mother–child bonding, sexual preference and even social behavior. (Mitochondrial DNA is found in the mitochondria organelles of each cell, as opposed to the DNA residing in each cell’s nucleus. This kind of DNA is passed on via maternal bloodlines. It is through this DNA that we can trace back ancestral lineages to a single female—the original mother of humanity.) During one of Mia’s teen abductions, a clandestine group of humans, working in collusion with alien Grays (It is unknown which group they were, so I will loosely term these groups, “Secret Government”) extracted Mia’s ovum, and nuclear DNA removed from the egg. DNA from two other parents was placed into the ovum in an in-vitro fertilization procedure. The offspring (Jordan) of this fertilized egg actually had three parents, two mothers and one father. The genetically modified ovum was implanted in Jordan’s birth mother, who may or may not have known she was involved in a clandestine alien-human genetic project.

Without going into too much detail, this case and other non-published abductee testimonies indicate the ET’s are not exclusively interested in hybrid offspring from their experiments. They are also interested in the energy created through love obsessions, which is a more primal creative energy associated with the kundalini, prana life force.

Kundalini is originally a Sanskrit term meaning coiled power. In Tantra and Asian yoga practices, the supervitalistic power compressed in the human organism, cause of the kinking and folding of DNA which, when awakened, produces ecstasy, illumination, hyperception, and access to molecular memory. (Taken from the glossary in John Lash’s “Not in His Image” )

In a recent unpublished abduction case, Anastasia, a female abductee describes Tall White alien beings that look like Grays but are approximately 6 tall and white. These beings told her in full conscious awareness, that the energy we generate is a delicacy to them. These beings, she was told, experiment with various love matches, and the partners who have “past life connections” were the most successful in love relationships.

The ET described that when two persons have a strong karmic connection to one another, it is perceptible via energy tendrils and fibers reaching out to certain people.(Non-tangible energy fields) These connections were more favorable in terms of a love bite that would stick, according to the Tall Whites. They also communicated to Anastasia that not all matches work out, and it’s uncertain how and to what degree a love match will unfold. After the “love bite abduction” the pair did generate stronger feelings for one another, but Anastasia didn’t “bite back”, realizing what it was.  Within 7 months she suffered unusual gynecological after effects, such as frequency of urination, bloating, and extremely painful menses, and had to have surgery to remove five softball size fibroids from her uterus. Her love bite partner ended up protracting a form of scrotal cancer and had to undergo surgery a year later. Coincidence?

Based on what I have observed, the aliens and whoever is acting behind their image,  have several reasons for putting two people together:

  • Harvesting of energies generated through high emotional drama and sexual arousal, kundalini serpent power, in particular.
  • To disrupt the abductees’ life when, for example, they are on a truth quest to explore unusual experiences, and then they are led on a wild goose chase, emotional roller coaster in a love bite set up—or break up of an existing relationship. The disruption motive occurs to many researchers and those who are “breaking alien programming.” This is sometimes referred to as a form of neutralization.
  • For reproductive purposes, so the couple has children that the aliens or others want.
  • In a few milab cases I consulted with, a love bite can be used to amplify the kundalini so the abductee’s paranormal and psychic abilities are enhanced before being sent off on “mind controlled ops.”

Many of the milab cases I consult with experience relationship interference. Some report aliens doing this, and others report humans who allegedly work in collusion with certain alien groups such as Grays and various Reptoid species.

One has to question, after all these years of aliens interacting with humans, how many “experiments” do they have to conduct to reach a particular conclusion? Is this really about science, or something else? How are the ETs benefiting from interacting with us, and manipulating our lives? Is this a form of human harvesting, a farm genetically modified to suit their needs? Perhaps a more practical question is, how can we benefit from them?


Milabs and Superwarriors

I may have piqued the interest of readers and researchers alike just by mentioning milabs. Many have asked if there is a military or “secret government” involvement in alien abductions, and I would have to say yes, based on the numerous reports from alien abductees, especially in the US and its allies. Dr. Helmut Lammer and Marion Lammer have written the book  MILABS: Military Mind Control & Alien Abduction (1999), in which the authors describe persons, including alien abductees, who have been kidnapped by human military personnel. The late Dr. Karla Turner authored the book Taken, which describes case histories of several milabs.

In a milab event, individuals are taken involuntarily by military or “secret government” agents and subjected to interrogation about their alien contacts, or they are sheep dipped (against their will, or heavily coerced under mind control) into deep black operations as a covert agent with specific abilities of use to the intelligence agencies. Other reasons include medical experimentation, behavior modification and social engineering.

It is my hunch milabs are of particular interest to the intelligence agencies because of possibly latent alien DNA and unique abilities that the general population does not express. In the Michael Relfe  “Mars Records” case, (see, Michael believes the secret government has covert knowledge about how to detect genetic markers in individuals with unusual abilities such as interdimensional feats and time travel. Duncan O’Finoian, part Cherokee and Irish, was called a “Tween” by his Cherokee Grandfather, because Duncan had the ability to walk between worlds. (See These genetic markers might not be related to “alien genes” at all, but to more ancient human origins.

Many milabs are talented with extra sensory perception such as remote viewing, clairvoyance, martial arts, and photographic memory. Some have compartmentalized abilities to read and write alien script or speak in alien languages. The secret agencies who track specific abductees will sometimes use these milabs in deep black military operations and covert programs, including but not limited to assisting with alien abductions!  Most, if not all of these activities are carried out without the victim’s permission, a form of high tech mind control slavery. Many assert that milabs have nothing do to with aliens at all.

The milab memories recovered naturally or through the assistance of hypnotic regression may involve working with certain alien species, interdimensional travel, remote viewing, intelligence gathering, telepathic communications, time travel, weapons, escape and evasion training, and leadership roles in an uncertain global apocalyptic future. Superwarriors with paranormal abilities are described in the cases of Duncan O’ Finoian, “Jared” (Secret Project Superwarrior Gone Rogue), Andy Pero, (Project Superman) Michael Relfe, Zed and some female milabs who prefer to maintain anonymity.

I’ve interviewed a few MK ultra victims who claimed they were trained by aliens in tasks such as telepathic communication, telekinesis, and operating alien craft. In another milab case reported to me, “Zed,” discovered through his own awareness and healing process that his alien programming (reptilian in nature) supersedes the military goals and agenda, unbeknownst to them.  Through great suffering, years of meditation and therapy, Zed discovered the depth of what he believed to be “Reptilian and Draconian” control of humanity. The rabbit hole goes very deep, indeed.


Mind Control and Belief Conditioning

In order to have a thorough grasp of the hypothesis I have suggested regarding the aliens’ true motives, once must understand the basics of human mind control, sexuality, divine potential and spirituality. From a simplistic standpoint, the exploitation of humans via mind control can be achieved by:

  • Removing the person from their normal environment of influence
  • Deprive them of sleep
  • Pain if they disagree, pleasure if they agree
  • Change in biochemistry

For an overview of more advanced forms of mind control one may want to research trauma based mind control and methods traditionally and secretly used by cults involved in black magic and sorcery. (See Fundamentals of Trauma Based Mind Control, An important point here is the inclusion of a spiritual/demonic element, a dissociation and trauma element, and a decrease in awareness and life force. A study of classic vampirism may be useful here.  To effectuate a successful mind control program on humanity, our basic beliefs about God, creation, and divinity must be first hijacked and co-opted with a counterfeit model. One may wonder how deeply our own religions have been corrupted or even created by a non-human off planet intelligence.


The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis as a Contemporary Window Dressing

Many experiencers, contactees and exopolitic proponents have argued that benevolent extraterrestrials exist and are interacting with humanity. There may very well be some advanced benevolent beings that are assisting us in our spiritual growth process, but these beings are probably not the ones who are abducting and mind controlling humans. I think there is some truth to the theory that the majority of ET activity is nothing more than an ancient spiritual deception that Biblical and Gnostic texts, such as the Nag Hammadi Library, warned us about.

There is something tangible about how spiritual warfare plays itself out within the alien abduction syndrome. In the The Love Bite I describe events, which follow an abductee’s search for the truth of their experiences. There is often blatant and subtle interference by unseen forces to counteract the awareness process, of challenging the alien presence and motives. It is like a game, or as Barbara Bartholic, an abductions researcher and hypnotherapist of over 30 years, has remarked,  “It is one big Nintendo game”.


Ancient Gnostic Texts

In the Coptic Gnostic writings of the Nag Hammadi Library there is specific mention of beings called “Archons,” described as an alien force that infects the human mind with ideological viruses, which deviate humanity from our true potential. According to John Lash, Gnostic scholar and author of Not in His Image: Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology and the Future of Belief, (2006) Archons do this mainly through delusional beliefs about divinity. By deceitfully introducing error into our minds they can cause us to go astray. The Archontic intrusion manifests through four basic pathways: religious ideology, mental syntax, the power of suggestion, and direct collusion. (abduction?– EL).

In the First Apocalypse of James (a tractate in the Nag Hammadi Library) are passages, which describe encounters with ET-like beings, sometimes with explicit advice on how to deal with these entities and “Archontic manipulation.”  Ancient Gnostics were not only well aware of “Archontic intrusion” but of the possibility of humans becoming totally “Archontized.”  This observation parallels the tendency of some contactees and overzealous religious and UFO cult groups to become heavily influenced by Reptilian and Draconian beings, and even becoming “hosted” by them.  Researcher Colleen Johnstone attests to this in her testimony of being involved in a UFO cult channeling group for 8 years, until she and another member escaped, necessitating a classic exorcism from demonic attacks. (

To elaborate further, in John Lash’s article, Kundalini and the Alien Force,” the Archons envy humanity because we live in the body of their Mother, Sophia. (Sophia is another name for living intelligence of the earth, Divine Wisdom).  Inherent in our human nature is the power of kundalini,  the serpent power. According to Gnostic myth, the Archons are a species of exo-organic beings produced anomalously by the impact of the Aeon (a divine emanation) Sophia upon atomic matter, before Sophia herself became transformed into the Earth (Gaia mythos). They are called Archons because they arose before the Earth and the solar system evolved, but they did not emerge directly from the Pleroma (the spiritual galactic center) as humanity did. In a sense, they are our kin, but not like us in our ability to exhibit basic kindness, empathy, goodness and “nous”—the creative divine intelligence. Humanity is unique, with respect to our gift of epinoia, the faculty of creative imagination as opposed to mental fantasy and pretending—which the Archons are known to do quite well. For example, the aliens use of virtual reality in mind control and abductions.

In another recent love bite case, “Wiz and the Viper, and Sex Dragon 1&2,  the South American experiencer witnessed first hand numerous virtual reality antics enacted through an extremely intelligent Dragon-like being. Many of the beings who perpetrated virtual reality mind games on Wiz were perceived to have the ability to shape-shift into any form they deemed desirable or believable, in order to extract what they wanted—sexual life force.

In my opinion, the aliens who orchestrate love obsessions where the emotional drama hits a peak are trying to build up the kundalini serpent power within the abductee, and then siphon this energy for their own use. In a sense, it appears they are trying to mimic what sacred sexuality and tantra create: supernatural power, siddhis, and expanded consciousness. The ancient Gnostics who were aware and understood the “Archontic game plan,” knew that if they could raise and nurture their own kundalini power through spiritual practice and sacred sexuality, they could overcome the intrusions of the alien powers.

In the Gospel of Philip, (Nag Hammadi Library, passage 70), it is written that “the alien powers do not see those who are clothed in the perfect light, and so they are not able to restrain them.” In other words, the initiate of sacred sexuality is able to overcome the influence of the Archons and their minions who produce error in our minds and threaten to take over our bodies. John Lash asserts in his aforementioned article that, “The Archons use a lot of bluff and bravado. They affect our minds to get us to believe they can do far more than they can actually do, but in so believing, we unwittingly surrender our power to them. The result being, they can get their way with us because we have betrayed our own capacities. Hence,” Lash writes,  “the Archons claim to rule over humanity and even pretend to be our creators.”   In contemporary jargon we can say they are posers, and those who are easily “Archontized” are what I call  “muppetized.”

If Gnostic theory of the Archontic (Draconian-EL) rulers is true, is it possible to protect ourselves from alien manipulation?

It has been my goal to empower abductees and reduce their feelings of isolation. The love bite in particular is overwhelming in terms of emotional suffering. To counter it, a growing number of abductees have discovered spiritual practices like meditation, prayer and yoga. A few pioneers of self-exploration have found that awareness is an ever-evolving process, and the nature of their alien encounters change as they grow spiritually. For example, physical abductions decrease and aliens can enter only via “dream hacking” through mind manipulations. These preliminary findings indicate that what the Gnostics asserted about the Archons may be, in fact, true. Our greatest power—and demise is in what we allow ourselves to believe.


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