New George Kavassillas Round Table Discussion on Superwoo Radio

6/18/013 Superwoo Radio Interview with George and Cynthia Kavassillas, Kelly Ka Sha, and Perry Mills, in a  Round Table Discussion on Chakras/Kundalini versus the pure Heart/ Soul connection for authentic being.

Excerpt: ”Due to both Kelly and george receiving numerous enquiries, the topical subject of chakras and associated energetic systems are discussed and deliberated. This is a deeply insightful episode, bringing about awareness of the role chakras are playing, as to how they can work for us and also against us. The discussion addresses how chakras can be utilised in our favour, to focus on specific issues relating to a corresponding chakra which can then be identified and addressed. Also how the chakra system has a limited capacity and therefore limits the amount of self that can be present in this reality. The question of how the chakras relate to our sovereignty and how the fear of chakras will actually keep a person bound in the Universal Matrix. Understanding the difference between the love one experiences through the heart chakra and the love one experiences through the heart soul essence and how ascension is really inscension because spiritual enlightenment is an inside job. The panel then discusses the metaphor of taking the real red pill that takes us beyond not only the earthly matrix but also the cosmic matrix and even the universal matrix. Also, the misunderstanding of george’s comments in relation to yoga, and the discussion then goes into astonishing depths as we journey into the realms of our individual tree of life, the serpent and liberating ourselves from the synthetic universal matrix. And, how most people don’t understand where the deep level of tiredness that so many are experiencing comes from; a truly simple yet astounding revelation! Another brilliant and deeply informative episode, so enjoy this second edition of Super Woo Radio’s Special Episode Round Table Discussion Kelly’s website is: For a more in-depth private discussion with george you can book a private session here:

Kundalini, Chakras, Deception and Enlightenment

So many religions and mystical traditions consider the chakra, kundalini and pineal gland system to be necessary for awakening to enlightenment. On the contrary, kundalini awakening and the “rising serpent energy” experience is not necessary for the liberation of enlightenment. Mooji, an enlightened Advaita spiritual teacher speaks on this issue with a seeker on two videos posted below.

This is another video clip from a Satsang, where a woman speaks about her kundalini awakening experience as pleasant. Mooji at some point in the conversation directed the attention to the kundalini’s inherent danger, and for people not to put alot of energy into giving or receiving shaktipat. Instead, he asks the question of “who is observing this experience?”

Lastly, I want to point out a December 2012 radio interview of George Kavassilas with Shadowland Voyagers. At 1:14 into the interview, the discussion specifically points out the deception inherent in the chakra, kundalini and pineal gland system. George states that this is a 4th dimensional deception matrix system, a kind of program created by lesser  gods that entrap us into their matrix energy feeding system. He calls the kundalini as a type of serpent symbiote, which in actuality is unnecessary for true awakening or realization of our authentic self. Instead our true essence resides more in our heart, and the witnessing awareness that goes beyond the kundalini experience. Obviously this concept is at odds with so many religious and New Age paradigms who dogmatically will defend these systems of belief as being so important. Instead the truth is much simpler.

This is the youtube link on video:


Interview w/ Kundra, Part 7-12

By Eve Lorgen

Part 7

The Cult Connection with S and his previous ties

13. Was S involved in any cult where you think his beliefs were being influenced or manipulated by “darker energy” entities? How did this manifest? ( i.e. you mentioned the Phineas group and Christian identity thing)

S was involved in obvious cults, but Continue reading