Interview w/ Kundra, Part 7-12

By Eve Lorgen

Part 7

The Cult Connection with S and his previous ties

13. Was S involved in any cult where you think his beliefs were being influenced or manipulated by “darker energy” entities? How did this manifest? ( i.e. you mentioned the Phineas group and Christian identity thing)

S was involved in obvious cults, but also others not so obvious. He was involved in habits that most Americans partake in, cigarettes, coffee, pain medicine, slaughtered meat, and all these things are addictive, creating their own rationales for behavior to keep one enslaved. The channeled beings used this, since when he came to see me, he stopped those things. But they told him he had to start again, to go into trance easily and avoid ticks. He was in the cult of marriage, which says one should sacrifice happiness for a whole lifetime to be a moral person and stay with someone he could have chosen at age 18. This can be used by the reptilian agenda, the longing and unfullfillment it creates leaving us open for their shenanigans.

The obvious cults he was in were both Christian, though of course, many Christians have escaped the cult atmosphere built in by its history, and moved into their own relationship with Christ consciousness. He had not, however, and was living in the traditional hotheaded Yahweh histrionics for much of his life. He was a reverend in the Christian Identity Movement, which believe that Arayans are the true Israelites, and hate homosexuals and abortions and mixed marriages and take all these beliefs from the Bible. He was also a member of the terrorist group Phineas Priesthood, the name of which was based on Yahweh’s desire that mixed marriage couples be killed. It had the same hates as the Christian Identity, and another group he was involved in which would identify him too easily if I named him. It’s name was something he used to sum up the whole story of who was channeling through him. It could be looked at as a Yahweh virus. He had also been a Satanic magician, and still did magic, how much being black, I don’t know for sure. This would have involved him in the darker initiatory groups of beings that hold us down to the lowest level of identification, while seeming to give power. He was probably tied to these channeled beings his whole life. He had many visits by them in his life, such as an otherworldly woman who visited him in bed regularly when he was young, giving him the name he went by. He drew her and called her to him in magic rituals. He eventually called himself ss in his letters to me, because of the Nazi secret service, which he was allying his soul with. He was involved with other hate groups who all congregated together. Why would I have been with a person like that, when I have never been remotely interested in anything like that in my life? Definitely a love bite, but it seemed encouraging when he was calling his hate buddies at home and trying to convince them they had been going about it all wrong, and should tone down the violence, break off ties with the more vicious groups, learn to be more spiritual in a more accepting sense.

Part 8

Kundra’s alien encounters of past and present

14. Do you have any memories or signs of alien encounters ? What about reptilian encounters? Are these unique to other types of visitations? ( i.e. the dream invasions, sexual themes, shape shifting, bad taste in mouth, implants, energy drainage)

I have had several suspicious events that I interpret as alien encounters. Odd memories of flying through the ceiling as a child, a field where I went in alternate time frames to see the otherworldly miraculous events, and a time when I was 13 at a friend’s vacation home. We were wandering out in the middle of nowhere, and I thought, or remembered that we went into an alternate reality, or at least pretended that we did, but she didn’t remember that. That night, I dreamed I was taken to another world, but said it was realer than any dream, and had to be something different. I had never had a fear of heights, but that day, I went out on a diving board over a creek, and began a fear that has never left me. Then, when I was in my early 30’s I would say, I was obviously abducted, though I didn’t know anything about such things yet. I had the scrape marks, needles, implant in my eye, aliens repeating that it was a necessary procedure, and it all happened in Sedona near a vortex while I was sleeping alone. I slept with crystals regularly, and when I did in Sedona, I would wake up with them yards away from my sleeping bag. I have had other times when my blood was drained by someone or something, seen aliens draining energy from me.

I have had a boyfriend abducted and changed suddenly, which ruined a long term beautiful love affair that had great potential for lasting much longer. I have had emotional memories of being forcefully told not to talk, being raped. I think part of this was reptilians, and that they hide behind dream lovers they make up for me, but I can catch them at it if I am lucid enough in my dreams and know what to look for, such as a bad taste in my mouth in a sensual situation with them. My partner pulled out something energetic that was put in place to keep me from getting closer to what was going on, and I spent weeks following up on that to remove their influence. They didn’t like that, and in one dream, harassed me by showing themselves to me as not only a camouflaged dream lover, but the whole reptilian control agenda that runs corporate earth in its secret societies, companies, governments, everything. The Levites Moses and Aaron were fulfilling Yahweh’s promise to Jacob to bring forth his kingdom. I think this is what they were trying to do, which was begun by the building of the Babylonian civilization by Ra/Marduk.

Part Nine

Kundalini and sexual energy—the drug of choice for reptilians

15. Do you think that your raised kundalini and ability to have a tantric sexual experience drew these beings ( esp. reptilians) to you, so they could somehow feed off this wellspring of kundalini energy? Have you found a way to protect yourself from this type of parasitic relationship?

Yes, I do believe they and the government have ways of knowing when a person’s frequency is too high for their comfort, and they target those people. They even know before a person lives out his life if that has the potential to occur. I may even have worked at times with the very Annunaki that I am now condemning as being corrupt, though that corruption is not part of my memories. I’m not sure how much they feed off the kundalini, but they want to control it for their purposes and keep it from taking subjects away from them. But perhaps, that is part of the Divine plan of true initiation by fire, testing us, acting out the blockages to expansion, and leading us past the controlling Watchers by making them so evil we must work really diligently on our development to escape their clutches, and the grasp of the earth plane. Perhaps God has chosen them very carefully to play the roles of tormentors in this process of true initiation, and I should thank them as I do any person who has chosen to play a difficult role in my life story, pretending to be less than divine sparks.

I know sexual energy is something they eat, and drain off, and they may like it plain, rather than flavored with life force. They may prefer it to be intertwined with anger, guilt, frustration, lust, perversity, insecurity, fantasizing. There is no shortage of that. So I don’t necessarily think any one doing Tantra is in more danger of being drained than other people, but definitely has the potential of attracting attention. In Tantra, the energy goes to Chakras above the head, and this must be considered more carefully than it is generally taught. Taoist practices are safer, as it goes back into the body, but they can keep one at a physical level more easily too. In Tantra, be careful to control the energy as it leaves the body to go where you want it. I have taken to repeating that my energy stays with me, qualifying it in my mind that “me” is not just my physical incarnation as this personality, as that is only a tiny part of me, or anyone. The energy can circulate with my partner too, but not with any reptilians hanging around. I have gone through everything in my life, past present and future that could give them energy, that would allow it to be used by them in any form, and delved into it, closing all portals I know how to. I have always been careful not to fantasize about people when masturbating, but only visualize the cosmic tantric energetics of it, moving as energy within God, and that avoids tying me with the lower planes. To think of them is parasitic is in fact useful, because parasites have no place to live in our bodies if we are cleansed. If we eat cooked food, unfresh food, irradiated, treated, poorly combined, too much food, with harmful ingredients, and don’t do regular colon cleanses, it builds up as plaque on the intestinal walls, and gives the parasites a place to live. It also give yeasts, molds, funguses a place to attach to the walls and pierce through them and then have access to our bloodstream, so they can go anywhere, and toxins can pollute us more, making it easier for them to take us over. Parasites want to weaken their hosts, but keeping strong boundaries, life force, discrimination about what we put into our bodies, and energy flow, proper PH…these kind of things will keep them away. They lower our body temperature to make it easier to take over. They make us want to eat sweets. Parasites are smart that way, and so are these creatures. But the same principals work to some degree. Keeping a flow, without blockage, is perhaps the most important thing we can do to keep them washed out of us.

Having a sane and even keeled relationship makes it much harder for them to siphon sexual energy. Looking into issues, feeling we can talk about anything, feeing accepted, being without conflicting feelings for the loved one–these all help. Paying attention to omens, dreams, being lucid in life as if it is a dream, helps identify what is going on. But even sometimes if we suspect something unpleasant is happening in connection with a lover, we may still have to just work through it, experience that person, play out the emotions to make it past it. And hopefully, come out ahead. We can command ourselves that we will not be attracted to people who will hurt us directly or through their connection with other entities, or that our path to them will be blocked. We can develop a sense of independence, so we don’t desperately need to be with someone put in our path. Maybe it is inevitable that when we are practicing Tantra we will be tested in our initiations, that forces will try to stop our progress, while others will egg us on, and they could be just parts of the same overriding force of creation.

Part Ten

Heightened awareness – the key to the beginning of self -empowerment

16. I’m impressed by your heightened awareness and how this is an asset in understanding what is happening around us, especially in terms of bio energy and consciousness manipulation by outside entities, like reptilians. Can you describe how others can develop this and expand this awareness?

Expanded awareness can be seen as identifying with the larger part of the self, by definition, yes? So one good way is to meditate, and imagine yourself as your physical body, put your awareness there, feel it, get in touch with it. Then, do the same thing for each of the progressively larger levels of the aura.

Begin with the etheric body, which is an electrical diamond-like blueprint of your body, just a little larger than it is. Feel it just as you did the physical body, feel it to be a self you can identify with just as much as your tangible manifestation. It is not that much different .Just a little stepping down of energy into a lower level from your etheric body becomes your physical body.

It is also not hard to then identity your perspective with your emotional aura, which extends a little farther, an amorphous changing ovoid that contains your feeling tone, your passions and repressions and memories of experiences that have moved you. It is part of you that you normally identify with quite a bit anyway. Float around in it. Feel what it feels like, its colors, how certain parts of it are blocked up with unexpressed feelings, how some parts are liquid and flowing. Its consistency is really important to how you feel and are felt by others.

Then it is not hard to start identifying with the mental body,, larger, once again, than the emotional body. It is conceptual, made up of ideas, diagrams, sacred geometry, beliefs that govern how your life expresses itself. This is a part many people think of as a big part of themselves anyway, especially intellectuals.

The next step may be harder for some people, but is more pleasurable than the others so far. It is a little vacation from being constricted within those aspects that deal with the daily mundane life on earth. The Buddhic body is more timeless, more relaxed and expanded, feels more like the real you, beyond the concerns of survival and reaction and figuring. It is just being, radiating God’s beauty, much larger, more concerned with spirit than with localization into the relatively small body within it. Feel how you no longer feel fear of the warring factions of reptilians and humans, for example, but are looking down upon that part of yourself that fears it, is overwhelmed by the confusion of it. Feel yourself as energy, feel them as energy, feel everything around you as energy, flowing, flowing. And gloriously, there are other levels of your aura beyond this to explore! Keep expanding, finding the ones farther out, more blissful, more scintillating and pulsating with cosmic consciousness, expanding the edges of what you think of as yourself, until there is not more edges. Try in your daily life to act more from the larger ones, the Buddhic body and outwards as much as possible. When you do, fully act from these, you go through initiations. Perhaps they may be difficult, as the lower levels try to grasp you down to your lower levels. You have experienced it in meditation, established that as your self, so be it, in addition to the lower levels of yourself, and strengthen the conduit between them.

Part Eleven

Protection from manipulation of love bite relationships. Can abductees have healthy love relationships free from alien interference?

17. Have you found it easier to protect yourself from these entities now that you have become aware of how they interact with us? What can we do to enhance our awareness and empower ourselves, especially in “healthy love relationships”? Can having a tantric love relationship empower us? What is it like, and how can we have more of them?

Well, in a way, the more I become aware of how they interact, catching on to how they manipulate my dreams at times, for example, the harder it gets! Because they don’t like that, and try harder themselves. They don’t like me writing this interview at all. But still, I want to know what is going on, and resist them, even if it does rile them up for now. It is important for me to meditate before sleeping, to keep my consciousness high, and to spend time whenever I wake up through the night delving into my dreams. I want to critically pull apart everything that happens suspicious, and know when it is them. I train myself to be able to do that within the dreams themselves more and more.

But being a spiritual warrior, even just simply protecting myself, is not an easy task, and it is one I have focused on for about 12 years, putting my intelligence and will power into it. It is hard to fully protect yourself from entities that are actually one big force that makes up our society. It would be hard to do a meditation or ritual in the middle of a battle, for example, assert your rights, and expect the battle begun by reptilian hybrids in our government to just stop. It is not as hard to make them go away in the astral planes, but when you look at how our physical lives are manipulated by them, we really can’t totally protect ourselves, unless we find someplace far away from corporate society, and its pollution, and its monetary system, and electromagnetics, and be so little of a threat that no psychotronics would be done to us. If I did all that successfully, there would probably be some incredibly handsome, charming man who would walk up, shipwrecked on my island, and he would turn out to be some reptilian love bite I would fall in love with!

I do think it is possible to learn to be more aware of them, to learn their ways, through experience, and from reading, from intuition. By making sure our own psychology is working itself out, we can know what is coming from outside, what from the inside. Psychological health really seems to be key, as you would imagine, in relationships that can be disentangled from their influence, and in having ones that are empowering. This to me includes spiritual health as well, not being caught in the trap of thinking we are only the psychology of our incarnate selves in these little lives and bodies. We are so much larger! If we are able to be that larger self, it threatens the aliens, and they work harder against us, but in a way, it leaves them less to work with. Especially in a relationship. Having a relationship that is expressive and accepting and flowing allows you to bring your depths to the surface and look at them, and then they are harder to manipulate. It gives you a solid base, and a sounding board when things are getting strange.

And though I don’t think we can be truly free of reptilian intervention while on the earth, I do think that can spur us on to going beyond the confines of this earth. Earth is supposed to be one of the hardest planets to live on, right, one where we come to learn really hard stuff. We can learn to be warriors here, and to do that, we have to not only have understanding of the ways of our enemies, and our own psychological vulnerabilities, which they highlight, but also intense spiritual development so we can rise into our higher selves. Being tantric, and having tantric relationships are for me, necessary in that process. The more we are solidly tantric in our own lives, the more we will attract such relationships to us, of course, though we may also attract what we need to show us what we need to work on further to be fully tantrically evolved. We may attract love-bites to dissuade us from reaching our full potential. But as we make it through all that morass, if we relate to our potential partners from our spirits, call to them from our spirits, we can have some wonderful tantric love.

What ways help us come from our spirits? We don’t want to be ungrounded, forgetting about the earth. That isn’t tantric. We want to really be in our bodies, eat organically and thank each thing we eat, connect to it spirit to spirit, gain its teachings, be further crystallized by it. We want to move, do yoga, tai chi, dance of Shiva, contact improv, dance, walk in nature. We want to relate to trees as one would relate to a person, feel their life force, recognize their beautiful consciousness. Learn to see the energy emanating from rocks. We want our bodies to vibrate with life force, so we can exchange it with fierce intensity with our partners, and so we can feel what God Itself feels. In Tantra, our bodies are our tools of spiritual evolution, even in sex.

In a tantric relationship, we help each other to identify with our higher selves, and relate that way in sex as well. Sex is fantastic, the orgasms, which for men do not include ejaculation, are better than normal, and are not wasted. Orgasms always create an incredible amount of energy, bliss, altered states, and this can be directed beyond the sensual and into the spiritual. Tantric sex leads to immense gains in evolution, physical changes, emotional releases, new conceptual insights.

In Tantra, there is a sense of being flowing energy, and this is lovely when experienced with a partner. It is the best way to rise above the battle consciousness, which not a bad place to be, but awfully nice to be able get out of too. In Tantra, there is a sense of safety from all that, as you flow together as the energy of life, colorful, pulsating from the manifest to the non manifest. The plane of the reptilians is far below, trying its hardest to get your attention and bring you down, but it is certainly hard for it to do when you are circulating God. You emerge feeling powerful, refreshed, invigorated, confident. You are strengthened against them, not feeling the fear they try to instill. You are above their plane of influence for the time being. You understand with great wisdom what is happening in the world. You don’t feel like a helpless or angry victim, but like blissful spirit arising from God, going back into God each millisecond.

In a tantric relationship, it is important that you both meditate regularly, and do Hatha yoga, and mantras if possible. The more you do these together, the more likely you will continue in your practice. If one falls behind in this practice, and you are bonded, both will probably fall out of the habit. In meditation, you feel yourself pulsing from the non-manifest, Shiva, into the manifest, shakti. It is like being in a field of lightning bugs flashing! You can see both the off and on state. Most people, however, identifying with their earthly incarnate form, and not their being form, can follow only the on pulses, one to the next. Each moment related to past moments, creating stuck patterns, a sense of the mundane, linearity. But if you can follow the off pulses too, back and forth, you can experience much more bliss and a magical sense of ever possible transformation. You can feel what it feels like to be God creating this universe constantly. You can be aware of the whole other part of yourself. You can feel the part of you that is connected with your lover, not separate, a wave instead of a particle. That flashing can even be heard, and the sound of it is called Nada. Seeing that flashing is part of what enlightenment is about and why is named that. If your relationship is like that, then it doesn’t just follow one day after another predictably, but is ever new, spontaneous, created with verve and expansiveness, going all kinds of wonderfully adventurous places within itself.


Part Twelve

Questions 18 & 19

Hindsight is 20/20 Vision. Strengthening our love relationships to be more resilient from alien manipulation

18. In hindsight, how do you think alien orchestrated love bite set-ups and break -ups differ from non-manipulated relationships? How would you go about maintaining a healthy love relationship with someone, even if you realized it was set up?

One clue for me has been the nature of the breakup. I have only had one love-bite, I think. Another boyfriend was a reptilian host when I met him, though I removed them from him before too long. There were a couple more that could have been in the best interests of reptilians to encourage, as there was some pain along with the pleasure, which caused confusion. In all those relationships that seemed to be smiled on by the reptilians, my boyfriends became vengeful, and gloated over being especially skilled in knowing how to hurt people emotionally, finding their weaknesses and twisting the knife in at that spot. They were spiteful because they loved me so much, and I had hurt them by wanting to break up, because of just those kinds of tendencies I saw in them. What an odd thing to want to do, to devastate someone you have been close to for so long, someone you love. I can’t comprehend that reasoning. If I had been more capable of understanding the vengeful attitude, I should have expected that they would be capable of that kind of thing, by looking at what their lifestyle had been like before we were together. But though that kind of tendency repulsed me, and I tormented myself at first wondering if it was really stupid to get involved with them, it really didn’t matter, I was too love-struck, and they were already showing great changes toward being reformed. Helping others to evolve at our own expense is supposed to be the way we fly upwards to God. I would caution anyone who is incredibly attracted to someone who has the capability of being very hurtful and selfish. This is the kind of person who can be, I think, sent to bring us down through cruelty in love. These are the reptilian type personalities, aren’t they?

The few relationships I had that I believe were encouraged by reptilians were accompanied by obvious alien visions, voices, dreams. The men were either told to commit violent acts or had irrational anger, vacillating behavior. They were confused by it, and wanted me to engage in arguments, and were unfulfilled because I remained calm and analytical. Some had family ties with dubious military and secret society upper echelons. They were addictive personalities, very much in love with me in their own way, wanting to be together forever, but uncomfortable nonetheless. They were as upset by their reptilian control as I was. They had good intentions, and were compatible with me in many ways. They were intelligent, sensitive, very handsome, agile, with great humor and lovable personalities.

The other men in my life, whom the aliens didn’t particularly desire me to be with, had those good qualities too, but lacked the tormented double emotions, delusions, murderous angers. Those relationships could be just as exciting, but not exasperating. And there were no alien omens, openings, synchronicities relating us. But sometimes things seemed to happen to stop those relationships. If I was with one of them, for example, and ready to go visit him, a tree might fall across the driveway and prevent me from going to see them for several days, while a reptilian fostered relationship instead took priority. Then, there was at least one relationship that was excellent, but which the aliens ended forcefully. I was with a boyfriend whom I loved very much, a magical, tantric love, but we felt our being together was so powerful, it was threatening to them. I have often thought that I can only get away with love if it is more mundane, less magically transformative. We were also discovering some secrets that attracted constant black helicopters and phone bugging, etc. He was abducted and implanted, and this broke up our bond. This is the saddest kind of interference, really. I don’t know if it is always a good idea to maintain a set-up love bite, unless you are compelled to. I wouldn’t recommend working at it against your feelings, staying with it if it is hard on you, because that is what they want.

But these can be beautiful loves even if they are not perfect. They can be worthwhile, good for growth of both of you, passionate, and playful. I was glad to be with every man I was put together with, really. It could even become quite tantric. If you do want to be together, make of it what you will by looking at what is happening when sudden emotional changes occur, looking at the psychological roots as well as any signs of alien activity, such as dreams. Of course, this may bring reprisals, and a breakup. Clear communication would have to be maintained. Addictions should be worked through. It would require great determination, so be sure it is really in your best interests.

19. Lastly, how can we practice strengthening our love relationships, so that ( if we are an abductee) the aliens are less likely to manipulate it or siphon energy from us?

First you have to strengthen yourself, and that may occur through going through a few love-bites, learning what is what, how you and lovers can be used, what it looks like when it happening, what you really want in a partner. This is part of the ancient initiation ritual, still used in secret societies, going through hells of deceit, manipulation, fearsome monsters, learning discrimination, developing spiritual muscle, courage, determination, savvy. Each time, it may bring out new knots within you that you didn’t know were there to be worked out. It may just create new ones, so avoid love-bites if you can, of course! You have to really look at your vulnerable places within your psyche, and at least honestly communicate them to your partner, if you can’t remove them. Sometimes these things are just built into our personalities, as being human leaves us all with challenges and eccentricities. Look at these in your partner too, and use your tantric love to help you both improve upon those qualities. Profound changes can occur physically, and emotionally from tantric practices and perceptions. Keep your relationship constantly arising from spirit, dipping down into the non-material, manifesting out of it. Don’t let it just skim the surface from manifest moment to manifest moment. Don’t let it be dull, following a predictable pattern, mundane. The more you meditate, the more you see the pulsing of the universe, black and while, manifest and non-manifest. This vibration makes a sound called Nada, which can be heard in higher states of consciousness. Most people never follow the pulsing off, but move in their awareness from on pulse to on pulse. If both of you can live within both states of being, then your relationship will too. You will feel the pulsation as euphoria to be shared. You will express that in your lives together in playfulness, romance, mysticism, cosmic joy, sexual bliss, timelessness, creativity.


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