ET Abductee Interviewed by Alfred Webre About Predatory Hyperdimensional Beings

ET Abductee interview of 10/16/013 by Alfred Webre on

In this interview an anonymous 33 year old male “abductee” reveals what his experience has been of ET intrusion by the dark alien forces, and milab themes. In his experiences he admits to being subjected to many virtual reality scenarios and punishing behaviors by the ETs who are oftentimes masquerading in other guises. Alfred and he discuss the hyperdimensional nature of these entities rather than extraterrestrial. The abductee cites John Lash material regarding the nature of the “Archons” and how these entities who have plagued he and his family for decades use fear and punishment tactics to carry out their agenda on humans so they “stay in line” and cooperate in a disempowered, fearful state of being.

Sometimes the beings take you physically and other times it may be only a kind of energetic abduction, but the abductee stated numerous health and medical issues as a result of his abductions in addition to the “taunting and harassment” which is very similar to the “targeted individuals” reports.

The abductee relates that the negative hyperdimensional entities will tailor make the experiences for that particular personality using whatever tactics that help instill fear and a belief system that ensures our belief in their powerful nature. He says they will target specific types of people, especially those with alot of intelligence, light and out of the box thinkers and those with heightened perception, so as to “knock them down”. He stated they they trim or “clip the light” from the people who are believed to be a threat to these controlling entities. They often give prophetic and apocalyptic messages and warnings and threats.

The abductee repeated several times how these entities are similar if not identical to the Archons of the Nag Hammadi Library Gnostic material. These beings are also described in the early Carlos Castenada books and referred to as “inorganic” beings. In such books as “The Fire Within, The Eagles Gift and The Art of Dreaming, Castenada gives several accounts of having encountered inorganic beings and their realms in the “dreaming state of the 2nd attention”. These beings can have insidious and deceptive means to pull you into their realms, and in some bizarre cases can even pull your entire physical body into their realms in a full on physical abduction. This is reminiscent of some alien abduction capabilities, where they can do complete physical abductions in and out of time, as well as astral or energy body/consciousness abductions. More often than not, the abductee will not have full recall of the experience. From a shamanic perspective, this lack of memory may be due to a lack of energy and concentration. So this was one main reason why shamans developed energy and awareness cultivating practices so as to be more effective seers and not fall into the traps of these inorganic predatory beings. Seers can learn how to perceive the distinct differences in the energetic signatures of organic versus inorganic beings.

In The Alien Apocalypse interview with Corvo, (See

he refers to these beings as EME’s or Extra Materialized Entities. They operate in a distinct and predictable pattern that usually revolve around these themes:

  • Nowadays it is manifested in the form of our “friends ET” and/or “celestial entities” like the “Holy Virgin Mary” that release ideologically consistent messages.
  • The behavior of these entities, the number of contacts and paranormal phenomena are inconsistent with extraterrestrial hypothesis.
  • The existence of a multi-dimensional universe is theorized by physics with the theory or M-theory.
  • The messages of these beings relate to a series of “coming” disasters, such as “The Event”, meteors, three days of darkness, global wars, etc.
  • The mythical stories of those disasters are consistent with the narrative of the “hybrids” as the next-generation of humankind.
  • After which there will be the coming of a “millennial kingdom”.
  • The beings act like vampires.  The interest of these EME’s is to establish a feeding field.
  • Human organizations in our history have tried to fight and/or establish a “devilish pact” with them.

Now, contrast this with John Lash’s description of the archontic mind parasite weaponry tactics of the predatory beings. In essence the Archons want to cause us to destroy our paradise. They reach us in three main ways:

  •  The reach us through remote viewing.
  • They work in teams with a hive mentality.
  • They are mind parasites and they intrude in our mind telepathically – telepathic intrusion.

They can project from outside the Earth’s atmosphere to inside the Earth’s atmosphere virtual reality scenarios that are so real that human beings usually mistake them for real events – certainly some of these “religious miracle events” like sightings of the Virgin Mary, etc.  In the Nag Hammadi this was noted by the word Hal.  Note: in 2001 a Space Odyssey, the name of the computer was HAL.  ET abductions are perhaps another example.

  • The third weapon is – “religion”
  • Infiltrate and try and control humanity through religion.

The gnostics in the Nag Hammadi specifically designated what John Lash calls “the religion of salvationism of Judeo-Christianity – Abrahamic religion.” (aka The Palestinian Redeemer Complex).

This form of religion contains four main elements :

1. Exclusive creation of the world by a paternal father “god” – no female power involved.  (Note, the “world” (meaning our Earth) wasn’t created at all – it was a metamorphosis of the divine Sophia, Herself. We as humanity are emanations of divine design, (through the Aeonic coupling of Sophia and “Thelete”, not “creations”.)

2. “He” has chosen to be represented by certain people on Earth and selected them and separated them from all others (special “agents” of “god” – “chosen ones”)

3. “He” is going to send his “messiah” to help the “chosen people” implement his final program for humanity.

4. “He” plans an apocalyptic judgment day for everyone including those who follow his plan and obey his orders and those who don’t.

As one can see, the “Father God” tactics of the Demiurge/Archontic mind set is one of a controlling and punishing way, if you don’t obey you will be punished and bad things will happen to you if you don’t believe, have blind faith, follow their program of salvation, etc.

One of the things that a client discussed with me recently (he also contributed to the above summarized material noted about John Lash’s Archon weaponry tactics) is how it feels after one has removed themselves from the arhontic mind parasite mode of perception and self-belief. Let’s say, you’ve had an alien encounter or even telepathic messages from beings who claim to be ETs or some form of interdimensional being or “star gods”. They may arrange numerous dreams, communications, visions, predictions, prophecies and meaningful synchroncities in your life. They seem to set you up to feel special or chosen to be their ambassador, channel or “spiritual leader” or even inculcate a messiah complex in you. They can do this by providing astounding synchronicities in your life in ways that make you feel chosen, or zealous about a particular belief system that has the above themes of Corvo’s summary: Some kind of apocalyptic scenario, warning the people, spreading the message of a new spiritual teaching or “god/religion” that has all the ear marks of an off planet ET who wants all kinds of worship, attention and energy directed towards them for us to believe blindly and give our power away to. They usually ignore or marginalize anything to do with the living planet Gaia-Sophia/Divine Feminine Wisdom as an Aeonic being who we can interact and connect with to remember our own origins. Instead, they goad you in feeling like you are some kind of chosen person or people who have special connections with star gods or benevolent ET races. They work by alot of telepathy and downplay the heart centered interactive connection with the Earth and with each other. They do this in a way that evades our understanding of all of us as equally important. If you don’t comply to their belief construct they may turn on you with endless guilt trips, in equitable gender relatoinships, hierarchy systems of those who are always better than someone else with some elite who are in control through bloodline associations with special genetics, etc.

One of the tactics of the archons and disruptors, or people hosted by these hyperdimensional mind parasite beings, is to feed off of your life force, emotions and to destroy and attack the “purity of the soul”. They have predictable ways of either shaming you outright to make you feel bad about yourself (or public humiliation) or they put you up on a pedestal, only to “crash you down” later to feed off the “let down” they just staged upon you. If you don’t comply to their impossible expectations of human perfection they make you an outcast in their social systems. Of course it’s a no brainer that these entities are incapable of empathy and compassion, and so the hallmark of an archontically parasited and hosted person is a kind of psychopathic personality pattern. This is elaborated on at length in my book, “The Dark Side of Cupid”. The only reason I bring this up again is because I’ve had discussions with people who have run into these disruptors on internet forum lists and other groups, and they often hide behind “spiritual masks”.

When you are connected to the Organic Light and wisdom of the living Sophia/Gaia, one’s reactions and perceptions change into a more open, joyful, egalitarian and wonderstruck beingness concerning the nature of our own connection with the Earth and each other in our true memory of divine origin. Life becomes a wonderment of magical expression of our own divine imaginative co-creation and interactivity with the wisdom of the living planet we live on. We no longer become addicted to being an information junkie on a sole rational mind level, and instead intuit through a combination of intellectual understanding and intuitive knowing or Gnosis by ones rememberance and interaction with the living wisdom that gave us life.


Restoration of the Dreaming Powers of the Wisdom Goddess

This post contains two main items: A recent John Lash Navigator Briefing and also a Radio show interview of mine that has some relevant topics connected to some of what John mentioned in the noted briefing.

Black Jaguar Rising: GNE Navigator Briefing # 83,  August 30, 2013

In this briefing, John Lash uncodes an ancient myth of the Hero Warrior Twins of the Maya “Shibalba”. These twins are those who go into the underworld with the mycelium thread or strands of organic light. This dreaming together is actually carried out by a male and female shaman, mythically named Hunab Hu (male) and Ishvalante. Ishvalante is also represented by the female black jaguar. This myth can also be understood  and interacted with now within the GNE observation methods of the planet Venus in the sky, as it ascends and descends each day and night, and also throughout a period of time in the next several months as we go into the fall, winter and spring of 2014. Remember also that the ending of the initial conditions of Sophia’s correction is in March 2014.

Restoration of the Dreaming Powers by “dreaming pairs” can ultimately defeat the virus of the predators and dominators of the evil powers who we know are a huge problem globally. Many of us know of this war well and are in it constantly, as energies of dark and light constantly battle over those who are aware of this war and want to help liberate humanity from the chains of the Archontic and Draconic infested Predator-Psychopaths.



In my own Radio Show interview with Ari Kopel on Shattering the Matrix Blog Talk Radio Sept. 14, 2013,( 6 pm PST, 9 pm EST) ( See–milabs-super-soldiers-part-3)

I mention the word “mycelium” that came to me in a dream. At the time, I was not aware of it consciously as it was defined in John Lash’s Nav briefing #83. It’s meaning to me is that we need an organic model of telepathic communication, an organic internet we can access, “dreaming together” in order to defeat and discern the difference between artificial “archontic” telepathy and the real deal with organic communication, telepathic via shamanic methods. Mycelium is the organic model of a vast perceptive and responsive plant medicine/power/mushroom that has a living, interlinking intelligent communication capacity.

See Wiki Definition:

The internet and artificial, technological, “alien and nano tech” can also mimic telepathy, and this is reflected well in the “alien interference, virtual reality and milab/super soldier lucid dream trainings and mutual experiences that abductees often have together. (Remember the mimicry capabilites of the Archons) The problem is that their alien or military handlers can use this technology to entrain and entrap their minds and their astral body matrix to enforce and manipulate dreams and virtual reality scenarios. And they do this in order to carry out their own “alien/archontic/predatory” agenda for the most part, and will often do this to confuse the abductee with screen memories so that they do not recall their true “abduction experiences”.

One of my main messages in this radio interview is to be able to connect directly with organic divine wisdom and learn to interconnect with this living intelligence, and with each other, and do so in lucid dreaming together. This is actually best done in male/female “tantric pairs” because their connection is more powerful and naturally empathic and telepathic.(love is also present) In this way, we can discern the difference between the Archontic/Alien/Predator mimicry and manipulation and what is authentic dreaming power. This is necessary to win this “war” of the alien parasites who have taken over much of our own shadow government, military and mind control programs.(And so much more…) Sophia can assist with this dreaming power.

Note: When the Archived youtube link of the radio show is available I will add this to the article and my Radio Page.

In this Radio interview, Part 3 of Milabs and Supersoldiers and Alien Abductions I discuss:

  • Alien Implants, the surgeries by Dr. Roger Leir and an article of the Before and After Effects of Implant Removal
  • Steve Colberns’ research on alien implants analysis
  • Flourescence markings on alien abductees bodies
  • The work of Dr. Corrado Malanga and the Transdimensional Alien Parasitism, alien hierarchies.
  • My annoyance with the contemporary “idolatry” of the popular UFO/ET mindset perceiving ETs as either neutral or positivist in order to sustain some popular opinion, flavor of the week “bullshit”.
  • How trauma and memory are connected, and how important healing of trauma is needed for personal memory to be retrieved for spiritual empowerment.
  • A discussion on the owl synchronicities, archetypes and metaphors that arise in experiencers lives. Shamanic meanings of animal powers and personal experience.
  • Reverse Speech archetypes of the owl and other metaphors in alien abduction “experiencer” conversations, and how reverse speech is a soul to soul communication if it can be discerned correctly. It can also be used as a truth versus lies detector.

Wisdom’s Dare: The Future of a Divine Experiment

By John Lash

This article is from a 2011 posting on The Reality Sandwich web site. This is an excellent and descriptive overview of the Sophianic myth by John Lash. A significant aspect of this article is how our planet began, and is a living divine aeon named Sophia, meaning divine wisdom. The archons and their leader Yaltabaoth, play a significant part in this myth, and understanding their nature and how to deal with them is key to the survival of humanity. The Sophianic correction phase is now–our living present. The Sophianic correction deals with confrontation and victory(?) over the Archontic influence of Gaia and humanity.

So many people are now speaking and writing about the “Archons, ET Intrusion, etc.” but rarely is enough said about the origins of this knowledge as well as the solutions to undertake our participation with Sophia/Gaia’s correction.

Here is an excerpt from a part of the article and a link to read the entire article:

”When Pistis saw the impiety of the Lord Archon [who claimed to be the only god, though not even a true god] she was filled with anger. Acting in her invisible form, she spoke in this way: “You are mistaken, blind one — false deity who cannot see. There is an immortal luminous child, the Anthropos, who came into existence before you and who will appear among your automata. This luminous child will trample you in scorn just as a potter’s clay is pounded [into a lump]. And you will sink away to your proper zone, the abyss, along with those who belong to your legion. For at the consummation of your work, the entire defect [of Archontic illusion] exposed in the light of truth will be abolished, and [that illusion] will be as if it never had been.”

That moment is now: the consummation of the works of deceit, of the illusions of power. The moment when Wisdom’s dare, calling deceit to the end of its works, is enacted. This is the moment to ask, What is the supreme threat to the divine experiment of human potential on this planet? I submit that Sophia herself, being a Pleromic Aeon, wishes humanity to recognize her radiant primary presence, Organic Light, and to respect the symbiotic web of life in the habitat she provides, her planetary body. Above and beyond that, she wishes that we realize her laws, principles of Pleromic order, namely, the free energy dynamics at the root of the natural world. With application of free energy dynamics, humanity would be able to create an harmonious social order based on mutual aid and fair distribution of terrestrial bounty. Would it be too much to imagine that discovery and application of free energy dynamics would be crucial to the success of the divine experiment, on Sophia’s terms? For a moment,…” Continue reading

The Mephisto Game

In this John Lash Navigator Briefing, from January 27, 2013

(See he expounds upon the Trickster figure, the Adversary, Mephisto. (Also known as Mephistopheles of the Faustian bargain story)



The Trickster is known for his deceit, denial of the truth, and the game he plays with you. His method or game is one in which he must deal, where he negotiates with you, to enter his game. He is a trinity of evil, the adversarial spirit that denies truth, and causes you to enter his game through deceptive negotiation, oftentimes using plays on words. He does this in such a way, that you lost your sense of reality in the negotiation! Your progressive loss of truth of reality. Denial of truth.

According to Lash, if we really understand the Sophianic Myth of the Gnostic narrative, the Wisdom Goddess herself–Gaia, provides the solution to the problems created by the Adversary. It is She, the Goddess via the embodiment of the Mahavidya Matangi, who is the teacher that can teach us the trick to defeat the Archetype of the Trickster. Matangi vanquishes the power of deceit.

Lash expounds upon the the Master of Animals or Manitou, who represents what Native American vision quests sought out when seeking the power animals. Manitou is the “spirit of the wilderness” and all animal powers, which, in the Gaian myth, is understood as aspects of the Mother Goddess. In some Tibetan Buddhist tantric systems she is also identified by Diamond Sky Dakinis, such as the Mahavidya Matangi.

Humanity’s enemy appears to be the “Archons” infection of our mind so that we lose our sense of reality and function in error. (Denial of Truth of our real soul/heart nature) Our loss of ability to perceive truth.

Lash goes on to say that a large part of the solution is our ability to detect and discern the tactics and strategies that the Archons and Trickster use against humanity and the Goddess herself. Keep in mind how Patriarchal religions consistently deny the wisdom goddess herself and of the intuitive nature of feminine wisdom.

The Archons and Trickster’s ultimate agenda in this talk, appears to be his own urge and enjoyment of deceit itself.

In my work, I believe the goal of these predators and alien intruders–especially those orchestrating love bite relationships–is the feeding and vampirization of human life force or soul essence itself. And for them to be able to do this, they engage us in a game, a lure through the “alien orchestrated” love connection itself. In the Dark Side of Cupid, one case history involves a woman named Amy, with a lover who was possessed by a deceitful spirit she identified as looking like Mephistoles. Oh, and he was a liar! I find this all rather synchronistic and somewhat ironic.

We tend to want to perceive things in a black and white way, thinking that  the war is Satan against our redeemer Jesus or a war of light versus dark or good versus evil. But in reality it, according to Lash, it is a war of Truth versus Lies.

The Sophianic Correction of the Divine Feminine

I have been listening to several of John L. Lash’s talks about the ongoing revelation of Gaia/Sophia’s lucid dreaming awakening and “correction” of balance at this time on this planet. As some of you may already know, John L. Lash is a brilliant Gnostic scholar who has elaborated at length on the Gnostic Sophia-Gaia myth. Sophia can also be understood as the Divine Feminine Wisdom that is the living essence of planet Earth–Gaia.

Lash recognizes specific celestial and astrological observations specifically related to the moon’s apogee and perigee points that reveal and signify Gaia’s movement in her awakening. In cosmic time, Gaia is actually quite young, and her “dreaming” (from a shamanic sense) is the divine human experiment on her living body. Gaia-Sophia as the Divine Feminine that this Earth represents, can be connected to via one’s heart intuition. Lash also describes her communication to us through the “nagual world” of the shamanic experience, as well as in this “tonal world” of physical manifestation.

The Sophianic Correction phase, according to Lash, is a three year period between March 2011 and March 2014. This is an immensely significant time for us on Earth now, and even in the greater cosmos. Lash reveals (in Navigator #49–When Patriarchy Goes Down)


his heartdrop terma treasure experience, where his understanding of Sophia’s modus operandi is comprehended. The heart drop essence of this teaching is a powerful distillation of many teachings combined, that have been known in the more ancient Nyingmapa Tibetan Buddhist tantric teachings. For those not well versed in Tibetan Buddhist tantric teachings, terma is what is known as a downloaded spiritual truth/teaching usually given by female dakini’s to a yogin or yogini. A dakini is a female messenger/teacher of Sophia’s Divine Wisdom.

The phase we are in at this time on Earth with respect to Sophia’s age in her cosmic awakening is what Lash calls the “Sophianic Correction”. This is a three year period of time which already began in March of 2011, where her power and awakening begins first in the “nagual world” and then in the tonal world. In some spiritual traditions she is also known as Maha Kali. Sophia’s correction has already manifested in the balancing of the scales, and the correction needs to take place so that the divine human experiment can proceed free of Archontic control and manipulation. This means that some systems on this planet, such as the patriarchal modes of rationalist left brain control, the banking system, the false god religions, (The Catholic church in particular) will endure some correction so that true balance can be achieved. Lash also talks about the third Fatima Prophecy as being the final destruction of the Catholic church due to its corruption over the millenia.

The moon, sun and earth are all part of the Gaian system. The moon is a part of the Gaian ecosystem and is representative of the psyche of humanity. Lash speaks of the current and future lunar apogee and perogee moments that move through the constellations, that are markers of Earth time when Sophianic correction is more pronounced, such as March, April and May of 2013 in particular. See briefing # 54-Going Forward in 2013,

Lash describes Sophia-Gaia’s “amnesiac-autism” phase before her full awakening and correction phase. Her awakening also causes our own awakening, as we can experience this with her. This may manifest as the activation of a phylogenetic memory within us, for those of us who are receptive to emergence of divine feminine heart wisdom. The awareness of the lucid dreaming of the planetary mother sent out her call, her cry of alarm in March of 2011, according to Lash. Thus began the beginning phase of her correction, which is playing out now in greater measure. Some upcoming “correction dates” to watch out for are March 31–April 5, 2013, and mid May 2013, as well as times in August and November 2013.  We have alot to experience and awaken to if we can tune into this divine feminine wisdom. It is all about heart intuition.



Karmopolis Interview with John Lash

This interview conducted by

French version

Recently, our brilliant colleagues, Malou and Gerry Zeitlin of, put us in touch with, a site that explores anomalies, theories of conspiracy, and beliefs concerning alternative realities. Alain Gossens, who operates the site with his partner Bruno Michelet, lives in Brussels, and so we were able to meet and talk about mutual interests. The result was a three-part collaboration with articles by Alain on alien predation, and by myself, on Gnostic parallels to Castenada, published Continue reading