Reptilian Traits and Possession Identifiers

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This original article cannot be copied, so I can only discuss the commentaries below based on the above linked article.  Anonymous Woman’s Psychic Comments:

  • Obsession with relationship (feeding frenzy and narcissistic supply being delivered)
  •  The act of mirroring so as to snare their prey – comfort in sameness; intensity of need seen as proof of love – may really be fear, insecurity, loneliness. Security is based on sameness. They will mirror the best traits of the person they are with to seduce their victim. This often leads to imparting a feeling of a ‘soul mate’ sensation.
  •  Abnormalities with regards to social life – Total involvement; limited social life; neglect old friends, interests.
  • Preoccupation with others behavior; fear of other changing. Lack of control when any changes or awareness occurs so they will cause and create conflict to shock the prey and then idealize them to return them in the cycle.
  •  Jealousy; possessiveness; fear of competition; protects “supply.”
  • Power plays for control; blaming; guilting and shaming – passive or aggressive manipulation.
  • Idealization to devaluation roller coaster
  •  Trying to change other to own image.
  • Relationship is based on delusion and avoidance of the unpleasant and if made aware then they project that onto the victim and blame them.
  • Expectation that one partner will fix and rescue the other.
  • Fusion (being obsessed with each others problems and feelings.)
  • Sex is used as a tool – Pressure around sex due to fear, insecurity & need for immediate gratification – no ability to be intimate.
  • Unable to endure separation; clinging.
  • Cycle of pain and despair while being in denial of being the cause and igniting factor to the dynamic.
  • Conversations based upon intent to blame, defend, or manipulate.
  • Constantly creating self-doubt, angst, turmoil, and guilt. This emotional damage causes the victim, over time, to lose their sense of reality, and sense of self.
  • Victim becomes lost, confused, and unable to trust their own instincts
  •  Psychological and emotional abuse and twisting of reality through triggers utilizing small kernals of truth to alter reality in such a way as to seduce the victim so that the victim knows something is very wrong but cannot discern or see clearly. Kept in fog and confusion…this way they keep the prey victim and hostage.
  •  Living under tyranny they are controlled, physically and emotionally battered, unable to make decisions, subjected to constant rages, sucked dry, stripped of dignity and safety alternating with sexual enticement and moments of mirroring goodness and benevolence…compassion and sacrifice. This cycle utterly traps the victim in emotional bondage and even a state of needing their saboteur abuser.

Comments by Kailasnath the Pranic energy Healer: 

1) Explanation : This refers to the case when deliberately set up, usually love bite. The hosted person will cleverly use white lies, that is speaking only bits and pieces of info and giving mixed symbols and signals to the conscience of the targeted human.

Drawback : Withholding certain vital information is powerful psychic self-defense for the divine spirited person. Expose this info, and the soul may become exposed. This is with regard to a highly pure souled/divine spirited person. Do not answer to each and every question put to you. Never do so,  it will wreck your soul, if you do not recognize the attack or the person’s intention.

2) Explanation : same as above case regarding the deliberate trapping scenario. Drawback : same as above regarding divine spirited humans.

3)Explanation : For these hybrids, sex is a means of domination and control, covert or expressed. Therefore sex is their tool to use and abuse and manipulate. This is not to be confused with the very natural sexual instinct and attraction felt by normal humans. Sex for them is a means of vampirism… they suck out or even capture very big part of the person’s soul essence.

ALL HYBRIDS ARE ENERGY VAMPIRES… every single one of them. It’s absolutely possible they were created by tantric or magical or satanic rituals that involved incest.

Drawback : a clever reptilian hosting hybrid who knows that excess sexual interest will appear to people as auspicious will deliberately induce this energy or characteristic in their targets (tantric energy works behind this – tantrically and magically manipulated lunar energy, only an extremely evolved and aware spirit can withstand this)… This had been mentioned in the possession list as imposing their own characteristics which is exactly what happens, without uttering a single word.

People must know the depth of trickery and evil that will be pulled by a hosting entity. These reptilian characteristics can be induced in a normal human by cleverly crafted matter-of-fact ‘accusations’. Poor guy or woman will not know what sincere expression of emotions is causing them to be labelled as their own conscience will stop them from speaking about this cheap trickery, which they understand in hindsight.

4) Explanation : The doubt is if even healing can change this behavior. This behaviour appears deliberately chosen. And while healing them, intuitive message is that the hosting is deliberately chosen, healing energy will not enter. Another factor, tantra can promote this thought in some manner…. I am not sure how, my intuition is that the tantric deliberately and violently induces this in a person magically, psychically, while appearing before him cool headed and absolutely normal. The mind of the person being affected breaks because of the extremely hypocritical display recognized at deeper mind level. The indescribably terrorized and dominated mind is now pedophilic with the magician/tantric controlling the person like a puppet. The mind wants to control something weaker, do what has been done to it, in order to feel it is not the victim. This is the root phenomenon happening behind all abuses… there is magic and tantra involved, always.

Drawback : Healing may not be possible. Divine energy will not respond to self-made choice, this is a law of divine energy healing. Attempt to heal it, and the power of the healer will decrease dramatically because of free will violation. Best way is to keep away.

5) Explanation : Absolutely correct. The pack hunter mentality and secrecy and non-sincerity to almost everyone ultimately, is very common to these entities.

6) Explanation : Correct.. but problem is not with second chakra, problem is their obsession to control. 2nd chakra is Swathishthana and the opposite corresponds to location of kundalini. If kundalini is not merged with the spirit (sahasrara), or if the person is not spiritually evolved, kundalini will seek to control everything. That causes the above mentioned phenomenon… this is default, when the entity is reptilian hosted, which does not have a higher spirit aspect to combine with in the first place.

7) Explanation : True… defining characteristic of a clever hosting reptilian entity. The craziness can become so much, that the victim can loose trust in his own senses. This is painfully common technique of trapping. The hosted entity may NEVER admit it, even if shown right before it… thus victim may move to self hypnosis and reality denial.

Drawback : But a reptilian being can also deny a true accusation by calling the other paranoid and possessive, which the poor victim will not be.

8) Explanation : Very correct. All statements are true. The problem however, is the same stated in other explanations as well…. situation reversal.

Drawback : In situation reversal, the true being who honors his integrity by bravely speaking the truth will be accused of creating moody environment, fear based individual etc. Accusing the truth seeker and speaker as a dark cloud in a group, which the extremely pure and brave spirited person will not be. They accuse him or her to be spoiling the already happy mood, serene environment etc, laughing inside.

9) Explanation : Correct, but issue is that a powerful spirit would also have great commanding power (over energies)… but will not be used to dominate or control people, but to show them he truly believes in what he speaks and does. The warriors of light help the divine spirited person, thus increasing his commanding power over energies. The trickster hosted being will use this scenario to label, the powerfully spirited person as overconfident, controlling, dominating etc. when their enemy is eliminated through cleverly crafted scenarios, they overtake and do mimicry for all that the powerful person did. But their inner state will be the thrill of superiority which they acquired over others…and they won’t do half of what the true divine spirited person did.

Drawback : The truly dominating, controlling fundamentalist or male chauvinist or feminist can use this as a means to hide their true agenda to create elitism and superiority. They would do this to an opposing crowd not because he or she truly cares about people, but because of their need to dominate over others. People who create followers are not true spirited people. Make this your rule of thumb. A truly spirited person will seek to inform and dare to lead if necessary, but will not create obedient worshipping followers.

10) Explanation : This may be true. I’ve seen aggression characteristic to be more in vegetarians (not raw food vegetarians.) Non vegetarian food satisfies the kundalini or animal nature and it goes to comfort, not disturb the person for a serene period of time. This period I have seen is the most spiritually receptive state for a person. A vegetarian (again, excluding raw food vegetarians, who are in fact more spiritually aligned) does not get this serene phase, I have seen this. As a result, the pingala nadi (sun principle), left brain over-activates resulting in aggression. Non vegetarian food and raw vegetarian food, after consumption, activates ida nadi (lunar pricniple) or the right brain.

Foul smell is common phenomenon in exorcism of demonic possession. I have recognized reptilian and draconian energies involved in the possession. Possession can happen even through food, if not cleared off of negativity and magical energies.

A better diet would contain both vegetarian and non vegetarian foods.

If you want to be vegetarian I would advice changing and adopting to raw food diet, which is highly beneficial to body and spiritual purity.

Body odor becoming foul, taking a slimy feeling all over are many a times attempts of reptilian energy trying to intrude or in the process of entering. Correct about that.

(A non-vegetarian diet must not however excuse a person from being identified as possessed. Pretty clever and adaptive ones can manage through any diet, except raw food, provided the raw foodist is not a tantric or anyone of that nature and practice. He or she would compensate for the raw food diet through aggression)

12) Drawback : Do not confuse this characteristic for a person firm in his convictions towards a higher positive mission and a person who is the light to expose these beings and their ways with unflinching determination.

13) RE:  Found in all walks of life

Explanation : True. But unfortunately the same situations can all contain a true loving person. Many have been smear campaigned by the real negative cults and mass media working for true pedophile networks, in order to destroy and character assassinate someone. The very hard truth is recognition of someone of this nature requires very strong sense of conscience and personal boundary and true divine spirit capable of true perception. Only a true sensitive can identify who is what.

Drawbacks : True abusers escape and evade this and even impose this characteristic on an innocent scapegoat, fully aware that normal human senses can be fooled by the verbal gymnastics and extreme trickster methods. Developing sensitivity to identify people is the only way out of this and to get away and guard from true abusers and to prevent inflicting emotional harm on someone who is a true loving individual. On the negative side, a person can appear as a extremely loving sentimental figure and hide true abusive intentions undetected by thousands surrounding that entity.

14) Explanation : This is wrong. What they (both reptilian possessed males and females) truly hate are balanced true human beings, both males and females. A feminist female will cleverly label a feminist male as the true male, and the feminist male will show that only a feminist female is the true female. A non-feminist female who may show spiritual interest is the matter of ridicule and mockery to this group. Same way a non-feminist male will be labelled as arrogant or abusive by this clever group.

In case of male chauvinism, females who accept the chauvinist male will be regarded highly and those who do not accept domination by this person will be mocked and ridiculed by the chauvinist and his gang of mind controlled followers.

To each of these imbalanced, negative entity possessed groups, true human feelings are a matter of ridicule. True humans, both male and female are those to be hated and destroyed.

A feminist or a male chauvinist will never speak for humanity. Even if they did it will a clever argument to hide their true nature of gender superiority and promotion of their kind.

15) Explanation : Correct… dangerous nature may be stealthily and covertly violently guarded until safe zone for their abuse has been secretly or somewhat openly been acquired.

There is no drawback to this except their characteristic method of their imposition of their own character to their enemy, a true human being.

A true human being is NEVER a narcissist, psychopath or sociopath. But develop sensitivity if you are to truly identify these groups. A person having allegiance to the mentioned negatives in the earlier list WILL become these abusive groups. Wither expressed or covert that is guarantee.

16) Explanation: This is also only partly true. What is true however, is that such a person will have rapid cooling need from normal environment.  Hosted person will not be comfortable with normal rate of cooling down. Rapidly wanting to reduce body temp to a cold state is often exhibited.

Drawback : A higher scenario can be mistaken for this. A person whose DNA is maturing into higher spiritual DNA will prefer cooler environment. DNA matures in dark, sun light free environment. It is moon light that makes the energy DNA activated, not the sunlight. The internet info saying that this energy is coming only from the sun is outright wrong. Our true Sun, in a higher dimensional earth is a cool star. Moon represents the once existed state of this sun in miniature form as cool light.Through the right meditations, the energy of the moon stored in prepared water must be multiplied trillions of times and ingested in order to slowly, very slowly activate the higher DNA.

The real sun’s energy (present one) is already present everywhere. This is the reason why it does not need to be sought after. But moonlight is not like that. True energy of the moon is available only for three days with last day as the full moon.This is the reason why several crystal cleansing procedure makes use of three days of moonlight.

Magic or tantra must never be applied to the moon or to anything. It will destroy pure nature and characteristics. Likewise magically or tantrically manipulated moon energy is what is used by the hosted beings to sexually possess another person into becoming lustful of the hosted being.The sunglass phenomenon may be true. I have observed this among certain hosted people, although the characteristic may not be applicable to all possessed individuals.

22. Explanation:

Brain splitting (in my understanding) is the turning of  the subconscious mind of a person (his inner conscience) back on himself. This can also be done by turning the words one used against himself, psychic imposition of negative character to the good person, display of extremely contradictory behavior (obvious psychopathy or lack of sincerity cloaked using sentimental display, cool behavior display).

A possessed person can outright lie to a true human and appear cool about it. This hypocritical behavior damages the psyche and conscience of the person hearing it.

Another way of brain split, a more common way is to gang up on a person, create the smear campaign against him for the thing that he himself despises most. The possessed clever entities appear violently sincere in their accusation. By using this scenario they attack the person’s psyche without even interacting with him or her directly.

The brain split that I mean is the intentional and often psychically induced conscience reversal strategy being employed by reptilian hosted entities.

I would clearly explain this :

In order for brain split to work, a person’s mind must be temporarily hijacked or partly influenced (tantra or magic is usually behind this)..

At this vulnerable moment any accusation put to our conscience will go unblocked and reach the deeper aspects of the psyche. The accusation will be clever and it will be crafted in a manner as if the victim itself is accusing. The accused issues will be things the true person despises most and is zero percent true about him. Often time this accusation in made in public, to tongue-tie the true spirited human.

If this method has worked, the psyche will be damaged. The person may even feel highly emotional and feel crying of his or her soul…unable to recognize it in order or in proper context, the confused person gets entrapped by the reptile hosting beings.

Dismantling this requires first of all, absolute trust in yourself. You must see when a drama was used against you, when your own values were turned against you and by whom. When this is identified, mentally reject the person from your entire being

17) Explanation : correct

18) Related to #17(*correction, not #16) above, they have a “hive mentality”.


19) Re:  Despising true Light Beings : Correct. However, they don’t ‘feel’ this superiority, their adamant adaptation of superiority is the violent denial they are putting up to the fact that true humans are spirited and the spirit of true humans is a truly divine spirit. Inability to connect to divine spirit/will/love/beingness and lack of this is the reason for their enormous unadulterated hatred. They are mental parasites, not even true spirits. Their superiority and torture is a way to con themselves into believing they are superior to true spirited humans.To get this means, they employ the services of their worshippers, who believe they are Gods and creators of human beings. These are people who I mentioned having allegiance to the negatives, who are possessed of these entities and act as their carrier and vehicle.

20) RE:  When enraged, they will involuntarily shape-shift. Explanation : Absolutely correct.

But the interesting part here is — which part you first ‘sees’ the shapeshifted being? Conscious mind? Hardly no… it is inner subconscious mind that perceives it. Utter shock of the event will lead it to self hypnosis most of the time. It will refuse to see what is right in front of it. Terrorization is the phenomenon here. A mind which sees the actual being will go into a state of ‘hypnotic shock’ and the shocked person may deliberately and spontaneously change the subject altogether, clearly recognizing possibility of being harmed by this demonic entity that has not been registered in its mind files until now as ‘common stuff ‘. Even if the subconsious mind accepts that you are brave, it will refuse to show you the actual appearance of the entity, because it realizes what can you do, even if you saw it? Nothing…. it would prefer to deny than not be mad as a result of non-action.

21) They are duplicitous.  : Correct.

22) Re: Aversion to water.

Explanation : No. Not applicable to sensitives who would be able to feel negativity in sea water sources. However in general salt water is a destroyer of negativity and negative beings. This is one reason why oceans accumulate large amount of dissipated-negativity. But I still doubt if this can be taken as a characteristic. I’ve seen reptilian possessed individuals craving sea water sports and swimming and also those staying away from it altogether. One thing is correct though, a reptilian possessed being does not love water (although it may be expertly hidden and exact opposite character shown), be it drinking pure warm water or enjoyable bathing. Water is divine feminine consciousness. It represents Gaia, Sophia, Mother Mary, Saraswathy, Knowledge, Right brain hemisphere, Reiki energy, divine mind.

Neuro linguistic programming, mirroring and adamant adaptation of the true human’s characteristics by the reptilian hosting entity can cause brain-split.. Subconscious mind is confused as to who is the real person, itself or the one imitating it? this can also be violently used by the reptilian hosting entity to even make the true spirited person fall in love.

For example, say the true spirited person deeply cherishes certain human values and the hosted person identified this through observation, help from negative beings or tantric or magical means. What this deceiving entity will do, is that they will fight with the normal true human with the appearance of standing up for and guarding the values of the true human itself. I mentioned this in first interview, (Kailasnath Pranic Energy Healer) so the normal true spirited human being will try to convince the negative beings to change their ‘ misunderstanding ‘ and deliberately fall into their trap. Worse, thinking that the demonic reptilian possessed being is the other person upholding same human values, the normal human being can confuse himself and consider him or the entity to be replica of the true humans deepest values. The hosting entities laugh inside and understand when their prey has fallen for this violent display of conscience act.

On the negative side, they can impose the true speaker of conscience to be a deceiver and sentimental appealer to oppressed. They can accuse the truth speaker of trying to display fake acts for impressing suspicious people like them and that it failed and that they saw through the act. This will gather many polarized interests. True humans don’t usually rely solely upon third party opinion and judgement. They seek experience and perception themselves.

23) Re:  Power Seeking or layman vampires:

Explanation :  Power seeking energy vampires seek to ascend to worldly power or seek and strive to be the favorite of someone already in that position. That is absolutely true, but the lack of these conditions above mentioned must not be taken as the person’s drawback if he or she was sincere in service and intention. Many a times, magic, satanic rituals, tantric rituals, soul pledging to darker beings etc., are done to gain worldly fame and ascend the ladder of worldly pleasures at the cost of their soul purity. There is no come back from this. which is why such people keep on moving in the path of the negative doing and trying to do more and more heinous acts for power, fame and worldly pleasures. Please do not fall into any of it ever, for any reason. Die, rather than sacrifice your soul purity. As Jesus said, even the whole world is worth nothing if your soul is lost. What is meant here is the soul purity.

26. Emotional drama

A possessed being can create an emotional drama to entrap a true human and make him or her feel that he is actually the emotional and easily sensitive one. ALL emotional dramas and even verbal dramas drain energy. The person then becomes the puppet who is emotionally and psychically controlled by the possessed entity and lives at the whim’s of this entity. Reptilian possessed beings also appear energetically more dense, physical, which may give the false impression they stand out in a crowd. It’s only the characteristic of origins from a limited energy.

If you have observed business and marketing tactics, you may have noticed that they create a sort of limited opportunity, limited energy scenario. Intensity of energy is more observed in this case. Unlimited energy must not be confused with intensity of a narcissist for narcissistic supply (attention and awe paid to them by others).  Almost every reptilian possessed entity has the need of narcissistic supply, which they may try to derive from the ‘lime light’ of a higher narcissist.

They, because of being excess physical and emotional black holes can attract the attention of people like black hole drawing light to itself. This can be easily confused for awe and chemistry and paranormally or heavenly made, love at first site etc.

A word on how the brain-split term came to be:

I understood this whole alien phenomenon during my college years.. In the first semester of my final year in college(a fully illuminati controlled psychopathic environment), I had already realized many of them are reptilians. In fact, I wondered if there were any true humans there at all. As I was typing my assignment, I was intuitively led to search for more info about reptilians. A site came up, with part Chinese characters. I never saw that site again later, no matter how much I looked. The site mentioned books, I understood, and it had a image of reptilian looking entity. One of the pages had English description and I saw that it sold books regarding reptilians. The title of one of the book was : ” Who causes brain-split inside you?” “Do you know who are the voices inside your head”? It felt as though they were literally challenging me. Admitting what they were doing, taunting me what can you do ? I believe they were trying to induce this conscience reversal reality confusing madness because of inaction from my side. (A similar scenario was my the very last pranic healing class I attended last year, where I realized I was surrounded by reptiles.This is when I truly understood every spiritual art was ultimately corrupted by them and has a head reptilian entity and follower entities somewhere in the hierarchies.)

This phrase made me think about all that had happened which I recognized as heavy manipulations. It  was indeed ‘brain-split’.They had won in those manipulations by reversing my conscience against me.

The negative side knows who we are and what we would do to end their reign and evil long before we realize this about us. Once we do, we are invincible. And they know it. This the reason why the seek to destroy us even before we know what is happening. “

Another comment noticed by K:

“Only difference I have in perception about the entire stuff which is accurate is that instead of the growling, what I have perceived is asthma kind of breathing. It is unable to speak from the heart. Also a staring look always. If you directly look into their eyes vampirism will take place, also something called “stun attack of a predator”, this is usually used to win arguments. “

EL: My comments:

They are often experts intellectually, and can spin high level research material in such a way as to entrap someone spiritually, emotionally or mentally. They may be hosted by a very high level demon or entity, who uses the researcher to entrap truth seekers. It could be mentally or in a “love bite” driven scenario. It can be enacted physically or merely on the astral plane through connecting with them energetically in some way. What happens with these types, whether they know they are being ‘used or not” is that their attached entity—oftentimes a reptilian but not necessarily so, will astrally visit and cord up with the person with many romantic and soul mate feeling interactions, while the researcher is completely unaware, uninterested or outright coldly rejecting of the person who has been corded up with “their entity”. These kinds of public figures can even be super star types, whether they are rock stars, actors, famous authors, religious gurus, teachers or researchers. They are used to entrap many people sometimes in the thousands.

Then once they ‘have you” in these magically created entrapments through black magic, the entity takes over to use you as its puppet if it can do so. If the victim tries to communicate with the hosted person physically and establish a “real relationship” or connection, the controlled hosted person may ignore them coldly and take no responsibility for the entrapment scheme just enacted.(By their controlling entity) The host is so completely controlled that they cannot respond with human kindness, understanding, awareness and compassion any longer. They either have no idea on how they are being used, or they gave up and are only pretending; living a duplicitous life.

This can also happen with an entity that is taunting a “victim” to make them believe it is the one (human) they love, but they are being played by some dark entity who feeds off of their desires.( a reptilian love bite kind of thing)  And, unfortunately even some psychics can be mislead into seeing something that really isn’t the true issue. Especially if their spirit guide is a reptilian, draco, winged serpent, demon etc. This can happen if the psychic is under the same “cluster” headed by a high level winged serpent, who in turn has many thousands of beings such as dracos or reptilians and other beings under this head heirarchial “cluster. This is why the person who may be victimized by this kind of interaction needs to leave no stone unturned in their own healing and recovery process and truly know their own personal histories.

Often the host is only partially possessed, or the hurt inner child part of them is so traumatized that they “left their body” so that the dominating entity takes over the now adult body and personality. The entity also ensures that the original soul inside, who is often a traumatized inner child or adult, will never get true healing and recovery of their issues.

The entity will help ensure that the hurt inner child or adult stays addicted to numbing activities, alcohol, drugs, sex, work, or any number of addictions to prevent true feeling and healing of their original traumas. This defense against their own emotional pain and memories makes them easily controlled to enact even more abuse on others. The victim often becomes the abuser through their own unhealed wounds.

Oftentimes the arrogant and defensive entity takes over, and offers the hurt inner child a sense of control and superiority. Or magical powers and paranormal abilities. This can happen with expert sexual prowess, as in reptilian manipulated, kundalini-sexual energy arousal in others. The once hurt and shamed impotent male can now become a Don Juan and can bed any woman and get her under his control.

The reptilians or other entities can also host females to become femme fatale lovers and seducers, drama queens extraordinaire, or whining victims who suck you dry in endless, ”I’m so powerless he keeps hurting me….” emotional vampire dramas.

I know it takes alot of patience and compassion to heal oneself and others. And yet one cannot allow these predators to continue their abuse, predation and vampirization on humanity. It’s hard not to “name call” or make judgements on a common archetypal form they take when being seen. In general it is the reptilian, snake, dragon, demon type of form. But one has to remember that it is the energy, intent that must be recognized rather than “it’s always this or that form”.

I find that in general, women enable the abusers when they are men or in relationships with men who won’t take responsibility to heal their own wounds. Women try too hard to change the man, or see they have potential to change or heal, all the while they enable and allow these ego driven, stubborn men to continue their abuse. Women tend to give their power away to men, hoping that the men “will change” when it’s not likely.

Men on the other hand, are easily deceived by women seductresses, and sexually they are easily manipulated. They want and need their egos and opinions to be appeased, admired to such an extent they cannot see how they are being manipulated and deceived. Emotionally they are more difficult to heal from traumas.  Their hearts are more likely to be shut down from trauma. They are good with logic and rationality but it can also blind them to the needs of their own hearts. But once they do take responsibility they can be quick to change and be powerful men.

Women on the other hand, can get stuck in sappy sentimentality and not have a good critical reasoning ability. They can be gullible, and succumb to romantic ideations and desires, losing their ability to see through a predators intention, because of their own unfulfilled desires in love.

Women in general, live in fear of being alone. Of being a “spinster” or a poor unattractive “bag lady”.  Never being loved enough ending up in poverty. So they give too much, or enable men who are either not good enough for them or are in active addictions just because they are afraid of facing these fears. Much of this with women is economic too. If they didn’t feel powerless—especially economically, they would not be as likely to manipulate men.

Women on the other hand, are more likely to be aware on subtle levels of reality. Their intuition is superior to men, if they heal their own wounds. They are more likely to heal from their own traumas and to help heal others. Men are often prodded by a woman they love to start their healing journeys, and if they do not have this, they are not likely to heal or awaken at all to their hearts and souls.

I believe this Cherokee Proverb is essentially true:

“A woman’s highest calling is to lead a man to his soul; so as to unite with Source, her lowest calling is to seduce; separate man from soul, and leave him aimlessly wandering.

A man’s highest calling is to protect woman; so she is free to walk the earth unharmed, man’s lowest calling is to ambush and force way into life of woman.”

My addition is that if women could be protected, supported and cherished for who they are in their innate gifts of intuition and connection to Love, Nature, and expanded awareness, then their wisdom is the gift they offer men who can use this to find their own souls and express this love and success in the world very powerfully. And yes we do need each other!

It takes two to tango in this dance of life and of love. But what I can’t understand is why so many men won’t even dance or want to try….

I think we have to break the barriers and defenses against true love, so we all can live with more joy.

We really don’t need the predators, and we don’t have a responsibility of owning them, as if it is US. It is NOT human! Our only responsibility lies in how we got them in our lives, and then clear this infection out of our being, clear it out of our lives with compassion and a fierceness that leaves no stones unturned. It is time to create the rules to OUR GAME, not play by the Predators’ game. You see the thing is, the predators never play fair. The question we need to ask is: What do you do when you finally decide to take responsibility for your own life and happiness?

The next article will be on the Twin Flame Discussion and Love Bites.

Movie on Reptilians:


Kailasnath’s new blog/Web site:


Psychologist Admits to Demonic Possession as Being Real in Mental Hospitals

Dr. “J”.  a seasoned Clinical Psychologist was interviewed by Robert Stanley on 3/28/2013. He believes that demonic possession may be the real issue going on with most schizophrenics.

On a similar note, Robert Stanley also interviewed Cameron Day on 2/25/20130 about “The Dark Deception of Mankind”.

Finally, professionals in the mental health field are admitting to what many people have known in indigenous cultures for centuries: The reality of demonic possession and interference.

I also want to point out the excellent book by Malachi Martin entitled, “Hostage to the Devil” (Harper San Francisco, 1992), which recounts several cases of demonic possession and exorcism in riveting detail. M. Scott Peck MD was also a Psychiatrist who worked with the demonically possessed and exorcisms under Malachi Martin’s elusive mentorship. Scott Peck’s last book entitled,  “Glimpses of the Devil: A Psychiatrist’s Personal Accounts of Possession, Exorcism and Redemption“. (Free Press, 2005) is an excellent overview of how demonic possession is unique and can be distinguished from other mental disorders if one knows how to identify it.

Robert Stanley wrote a press release about “Exposing the Covert Controllers of Mankind“. He describes the covert controllers as Archons of the Nag Hammadi Gnostic literature and presents their similarities with Toltec shamanic descriptions of the “predators” and flying fish. These dark shadow like predatory beings are inside our minds as mind parasites, and in order to defeat them one must practice stilling the mind, among other things.

The Exorcism of Donna

By Colleen Johnston © 1996 ( revised, edited 2004)


The name of Donna as well as others have been changed to pseudonym’s to protect the identity of each individual involved except mine. This is also excerpt from my book, ‘Surviving the Fall: A Journey Within the UFO Cult Mindset’. To this day I do not fully understand why this situation actually occurred to Donna. My spiritual roots suggest there was indeed a demonic possession occurring. Yet, my intellectual self would rather believe that it didn’t occur at all. It seems though, the paranormal reality is Continue reading