Eve Lorgen with Tony Sayers: The Twin Flame/False Twin Flame Experience

YT Description: In todays chat we delve into the twin flame program and just how deep and sinister these intentional set ups can be. We also talk about rituals and the spiritual power of some animals and their ability to protect us.

In this discussion I had the opportunity to speak freely on many aspects of the false twin flame experience such as:

  • animal psychic senses and protectors
  • cult narratives and gurus who are hosted
  • astral abductions with ET light being themes and ritualized astral bonding
  • ascended master being con jobs masquerading as ET light beings
  • health issues related to vampirizing, astral loosh feeding operations
  • channeler cults and hierarchy “ascended master beings” arranging false twin flames for manximum loosh feeding and soul entrapping operations
  • The Ayn Rand movie theme as a parallel global socialist narrative that “enables the parasite/predator” programming
  • How so many New Age cults and manipulated religious narratives can be infected with the “enable the parasite/predator” programming to weaken the Spirits will to be free and enlightened
The False Twin Flame Experience
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