Terms and Conditions

Sovereign Statement of Intent:

Website Material:

The content written by myself or other authors, and people I have interviewed are for information only, intended for the benefit of people seeking truth, freedom, personal growth and expansion of awareness. I may not agree with all content or opinions of other contributing authors or interviewees.

This website as an independent “entity” shall not permit and is protected from any malevolent intended attack, to undermine, subvert, “copycat duplications”, copyright infringements, harm or intent of any strategy of attack to be permitted to affect myself, family members, colleagues, contributors to my web site or any loved ones that have ties to me on all levels, and all dimensions of time.

Anyone, or group who visits the web site to partake in reading the information can not use it to harm anyone or anything, or use it in any way whatsoever for purposes of deception, harm or any agreements of entrapment or snares of any kind. I hold this to be in effect on all levels and dimensions of time. If not consented to according to these terms and conditions spiritual legal ramifications will follow, on all levels and dimensions and timelines. This is according to spiritual law.

Statement of Intent for Declaration of WITHDRAWAL OF CONSENT FOR INTERFERENCE:


Let it be known, I withdraw consent to any agreement of entrapment that bears intention to deceive, misinform, imitate, copy, manipulate, exploit, control, steal, harvest, seduce, harm or negatively influence my being, in mind, soul, spirit, body and physical place of habitation, business, finances, website or published works in any way across all levels, dimensions and time, whether they are fabricated linear or synthetic creations or times on all levels and dimensions.

Through my withdrawal of consent, I intend protection from harm so that my presence of being honors Truth, compassion, wisdom, harmony, healing, constant awakening and life, so as to not be trapped, to the best of my ability in every situation.

Let it be known that by my choice to WITHDRAW CONSENT to any agreement of entrapment on any level, on all levels, across all dimensions and for all time, it is in effect now and forevermore. 

I hold that such is true and in effect, that any such agreement of entrapment, deception, and harmful intention, now be DEEMED null and void based on the intention of its creator to harm and not honor my life, sovereignty, (whether they be conscious of these behaviors or intentions or not), and free will.

No singular or collective entity, or artificial intelligence is under any circumstances given permission (of malintent) to enter my Universe, life, dimensions, levels or timelines for any intentions of harm, control or manipulation. If there are such attempts to ignore the LAW, they are responsible for one thousand times or more the consequences of that breach in self-destruction—and are fully legally and spiritually responsible for their choices. The terms herein are to respect free will and well being, and not interfere. Should you choose to override our LAW, knowing the full terms and conditions stated, I in no way can be held responsible or harmed for any choice that breaches this LAW on any level, on all dimensions across all times and future cycles of time. I claim the Law and I Am the Law. (Spiritual eternal essence of being within dreaming this avatar personality life/person) Spiritual identity in Christ Jesus. I forbid any singular or collective entities to attempt to breach my Law and Not Consent to my LAW, and therefore am protected from entering any Game, or ANY and ALL Games set out to ensnare me out of my own SOVEREIGN BEING. They will bring upon themselves their own intention in harmful self-destruction.


I do not offer legal, medical, psychiatric or clinical psychological diagnosis and therefore am not liable for any claims against such.

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