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  • Spiritual Warfare and the “Alien Love Bite”

    This was the first stage of spiritual warfare. These distractions were effective for most abductees from getting to the core issues of their alien abduction memories. Deeper levels of spiritual warfare presented itself as “reprisals” to the abductee and/or researcher after any truthful information was shared in support group or during counseling sessions. These reprisals…

  • Aliens and the Human Soul: An Allegory

    Because the enemy and his pawns have exchanged the truth for a lie for such a long time, the people in occupied territory do not even know their true history or the state of bondage they are in. Their condition of ignorance is so great they do not realize there is a better world outside…

  • Unmasking the Disruptors

    This is spiritual warfare we are engaged in. Much of the efforts of the Draconians, reptilians and minions of the Lower Archons (See” Hypostasis of the Archons” in the Nag Hammadi Library -James Robinson edition) will be dedicated towards preventing you, the truth seeker, from fully integrating your own experiences and learning from them.