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The Astral Twin Flame Union Experience, ...

The Astral Twin Flame Union Experience, Mind Control and Spiritual Warfare

I want to personally thank Arella Elliora, for bringing to my attention several of the links provided in this article. Arella has also written a Spanish translation of this article and can be found here: Much of my work with clients who report a “Dark Side of Cupid” relationship, alien love bite, or twin […]

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The Alien Abduction Phenomena: The Epito...

The Alien Abduction Phenomena: The Epitome of Confusion

Our most cherished commodity is our own hearts, our precious love lives, the very essence of the human soul. According to the Love Bite hypothesis, aliens will engineer and manipulate human relationships to engender the maximum drama and emotions out of the abductee. Love relationships, even illicit love affairs, are set up and destroyed for various reasons.

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Spiritual Warfare and the “Alien Love Bi

Spiritual Warfare and the “Alien Love Bite”

This was the first stage of spiritual warfare. These distractions were effective for most abductees from getting to the core issues of their alien abduction memories. Deeper levels of spiritual warfare presented itself as “reprisals” to the abductee and/or researcher after any truthful information was shared in support group or during counseling sessions. These reprisals often took the form of abductions, verbal threats in vivid dreams, or virtual reality scenarios where something terrorizing or painful was done.

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