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Archontic Copy-Cats and Parasite Program...

Archontic Copy-Cats and Parasite Programs

What are Archons, and why do they “copy”? A general overview of Archons and their nature can be found in many of the Nag Hammadi Library Gnostic codexes. (See: A summary of the various meanings and connotations of Archons can be viewed in the Gnostic Glossary by L. Carauana—See:  In short: “- ARCHONS […]

Sex Dragon – 2

Sex Dragon – 2

Our mind is a sex organ. These intimate encounters are insidiously being led on by a cloaked mind operator. The implications are disturbing. When the psycho-sexual heist isn’t via a dream projection, then most likely, it is through sexual activity with another person whom, although virtually unaware of the occult intruder/instigator, is being used as a portal. Since these entities inhabit another vibrational density, they can occupy the same physical space as us, simultaneously.