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  • Archontic Copy-Cats and Parasite Programs

    What are Archons, and why do they “copy”? A general overview of Archons and their nature can be found in many of the Nag Hammadi Library Gnostic codexes. (See: http://gnosis.org/naghamm/nhlcodex.html) A summary of the various meanings and connotations of Archons can be viewed in the Gnostic Glossary by L. Carauana—See: http://www.gnosticq.com/az.text/glos.af.html#Anchor-ARCHONS-21683  In short: “- ARCHONS…

  • Sex Dragon – 2

    Our mind is a sex organ. These intimate encounters are insidiously being led on by a cloaked mind operator. The implications are disturbing. When the psycho-sexual heist isn’t via a dream projection, then most likely, it is through sexual activity with another person whom, although virtually unaware of the occult intruder/instigator, is being used as…

  • Interview w/ Kundra, Parts 1-3

    Shaktipat helps bring individuals into more harmony. It can also be diverted to give the illusion of power to the disharmonious contracting forces. It is considered dangerous, because if it goes wrong, it is like a snake turning to bite you.