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  • Paranormal Romance: The Real Deal

    f you’ve ever thought you have met your soul mate but were baffled by magical omens, paranormal activity and exhausting emotional drama, you may first want to do a background check on Cupid’s evil twin.

  • Radio Show with Jeffrey Pritchett on Church of Mabus

    Eve will appear on Jeffrey Pritchett’s Church of Mabus Radio Show on Saturday September 8, 11 pm EST Updated link: http://churchofmabusradio.com/1056/church-of-mabus/eve-lorgen-the-dark-side-of-cupid-the-alien-love-bite-cohost-jason-wilson/ https://www.facebook.com/events/185312338268686/

  • Dark Side of Cupid Youtube Clip

    love bite, alien love bite, psychic vampirism, emotional vampirism, paranormal love relationship influences

  • Psychic Vampires – Video

    This is a short video clip discussing real psychic vampirism. It also shows real kirlian photography photos of the aura energy field around psychic vampires and those they vampire energy from.  

  • Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit a Scandinavian MILAB-abductee

    Her combined experiences are consistent with the Milab and New World Order occult themes and in my view, demonstrate the parasitic and archontic behaviors of aliens. The archontic behaviors are also evident in the human collaborators who serve their malevolent alien controllers in a clandestine fashion within the military industrial complex.

  • Sex Dragon – 2

    Our mind is a sex organ. These intimate encounters are insidiously being led on by a cloaked mind operator. The implications are disturbing. When the psycho-sexual heist isn’t via a dream projection, then most likely, it is through sexual activity with another person whom, although virtually unaware of the occult intruder/instigator, is being used as…

  • Sex Dragon

    Before dawn, I awoke in awe, amazed at the lucid glimpse I had of a DRAGON! In fact, that was exactly the understanding… “I’d seen an authentic Dragon.” He/It had very fine velvet pitch black feathered ‘skin’ and wore its large wings like an elegant bishops cape interweaved in tapered rows of matte and glossy…

  • Initiations by Wiz Kininigin

    However, I was also naively dabbling with the occult and along with Gabreal mixing with vice… We were a scheduled attraction. Then, during a breakaway tour to a foreign country, the unpredictable happened… something bit me… a spellbinder named Koral. She appeared beautiful, bewitching… Through her my being was cast with a Vipers Enchantment.

  • Alien Love Bite Experiencer Couple–Interference

    We truly think that it is possible that we are soul mates but his first “set-up” was designed to either sabotage our meeting and relationship later or he was suppose to meet me and they got him and his ex together. She was puppetized and he feels very strongly that she was a cardboard cutout…