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Interview of Eve Lorgen with Frank Zero ...

Interview of Eve Lorgen with Frank Zero of The Frank Zero Blog: Contact

5/7/014 This is a written interview I did with Frank Zero, who runs his own Blog with several categories. This is under the Contact Blogspot category. See: *Note: The issue with multiple copies should have been resolved on the newsletter program so if anyone receives multiple copies please report them to webmaster. Interview   […]

Abductees Discuss Reptilian Military Tra...

Abductees Discuss Reptilian Military Training, Command, Ritual and Structure

Matt R. article on Reptlians, Occult, Military and Royal Ceremony behaviors: This is a two part article about several reptilian abductee’s experiences which describe reptilian military training, ceremony, ritual and behaviors. Simon Parkes 2012 AMMACH interview is highlighted where Simon talks about being trained by reptilians within a military command training structure. Matt R. also […]

An Interview with a Female Milab: Angeli...

An Interview with a Female Milab: Angelia Cardwell by James Bartley

This is another excellent interview by James Bartley with a female milab, who reveals much detail into the milab experience. She talks about the occult aspects, magickal training, ET’s, djinn and the entire control system. The milab programs are heavily steeped into the occult ritual aspects, genetically altered bloodlines, ETs and interdimensional and time travel […]

Synopsis of MILABS – A Pandora’s Box

Synopsis of MILABS – A Pandora’s Box

Due to the high strangeness of many milab reports and the lingering question of mind control (and the reprisals for whistle blowing), makes investigations a labyrinthine effort full of suspicion, obstacles and booby traps– a real, cloak and dagger X-Files drama that includes elements of the occult, secret agencies and aliens. Researchers and scientific minded folks may delete surrounding anomalies within the milab experience, as an effort to “stick to the facts” but this rigidity is creating a gate keeping effect in the UFO community.