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  • Interview with Maarit, a Scandinavian MILAB

    A large component of her military abductions involve being used as a guinea pig with colluding pharmaceutical-medical companies who work in conjunction with the shadow government on milabs. Maarit shares her understanding of how and why she is “genetically modified”—a hybrid if you will–and how this figures into her neurophysiologic and immunological issues with Multiple…

  • MILABS – A Pandora’s Box

    A Two Part Article and Interview with a Female Milab “Abductee” By Eve Lorgen, M.A. Introduction To preface my two-part article and interview with Lilu, a female milab from Australia, I find it important to discuss a few important issues about the milab experience itself. My understanding of a milab is a genuine alien abductee…

  • Unmasking the Disruptors

    This is spiritual warfare we are engaged in. Much of the efforts of the Draconians, reptilians and minions of the Lower Archons (See” Hypostasis of the Archons” in the Nag Hammadi Library -James Robinson edition) will be dedicated towards preventing you, the truth seeker, from fully integrating your own experiences and learning from them.

  • Secret Project Superwarrior Gone Rogue

    Jared recalled being used in many secret missions involving interdimensional travel, time travel, observation of advanced spacecraft and different species of extraterrestrials. Jared remembers being in underground facilities in Utah and Area 51.

  • Could You Be Targeted By A Cult?

    There are key elements that cult groups look for in a person’s overall persona that can play a major roll in cult recruitment. They often look for people who are searching for answers to help them understand a traumatic or anomalous event in which they have no answers. A divorce, family crisis, UFO sightings possible…

  • On The March (Revised) Parts 1-6

    I will give examples of Reptilian Propaganda and Disinformation and will then provide historical examples of counterintelligence and disinformation. After reading this there will be no further confusion as to what exactly constitutes disinformation and what doesn’t.

  • Identifying Mind Control and Abductions

    For example, has the person experienced several UFO sightings in their life, missing time episodes, unexplained body marks, implants or abduction related health issues? Is the person involved in channeling, witchcraft, or have a family history of ritual abuse, or Illuminati connections? Is he/she dissociative with indications of MPD/DID (Multiple personality disorder), bi-polar illness, major…

  • Interview With Michael and Stephanie Relfe of the Mars Records

    Michael still experiences abductions by an alien and human military element working conjointly. But because of his level of therapeutic success with deliverance, clearing and kineisiology, Michael has a greater sense of personal control, awareness and is not as susceptible to the mind control that the abductors continue to try to use on him.