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  • Interview w/ Kundra, Part 7-12

    I have had a boyfriend abducted and changed suddenly, which ruined a long term beautiful love affair that had great potential for lasting much longer. I have had emotional memories of being forcefully told not to talk, being raped. I think part of this was reptilians, and that they hide behind dream lovers they make…

  • Interview w/ Kundra, Part 4-6

    Was it a reptilian, hiding behind the name of Sekmet? Were they one and the same; the Annunakis were indeed called the repulsive dragon faced ones. The character of Ra in the channeling’s was similar to the leaders of the Christian Identity Movement, most likely, but filled with powerful magic that invoked monstrous creatures. This…

  • Interview w/ Kundra, Parts 1-3

    Shaktipat helps bring individuals into more harmony. It can also be diverted to give the illusion of power to the disharmonious contracting forces. It is considered dangerous, because if it goes wrong, it is like a snake turning to bite you.