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Eve Lorgen on Vancouver UFO site with Mi...

Eve Lorgen on Vancouver UFO site with Mimi Nelson

I share some of my personal experiences with the alien abduction, anomalous trauma and my ideas on what is happening now, then and how this is not a black and white phenomenom. It takes discernment with considering the components of ones history, experience, genetic bloodline, emotional intelligence as well as spiritual orientation. Group abductions, karmic […]

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Owl Synchronicities, UFO Experiencers an...

Owl Synchronicities, UFO Experiencers and Reverse Speech Analysis

Owl synchronicities are quite common within the UFO/ET experiencer population. Owls ¬†have also shown up in reverse speech analysis years ago, by a former colleague and experiencer named Pat Mason back in 1998. I also interviewed Reverse Speech Expert David Oates in 1998 for a British magazine called¬†Alien Encounters Magazine. The article is entitled, “The […]

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