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Interview with Maarit, a Scandinavian MI...

Interview with Maarit, a Scandinavian MILAB

A large component of her military abductions involve being used as a guinea pig with colluding pharmaceutical-medical companies who work in conjunction with the shadow government on milabs. Maarit shares her understanding of how and why she is “genetically modified”—a hybrid if you will–and how this figures into her neurophysiologic and immunological issues with Multiple Sclerosis, and an Rh-negative blood type.

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Interview with a Milab Supersoldier Reco...

Interview with a Milab Supersoldier Recovered from Military and Reptilian/Drac Control

Zed’s experiences involve classic abductions by Grey aliens, Reptilians, and MILABS in mind controlled ops as a super warrior, in Navy Seals type black ops. This case demonstrates the Reptilian mind control programming, spiritual warfare and black ops metatechnology employed, which underwrote human secret government military Superwarrior programming. A key point realized in Zed’s recovery was that the reptilian programming undermined the human military goals.

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