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  • The Milab Experience – Our Origins and Keys to Recovering our True Memory

    The Milab Experience —What is it, how and why does it happen, and why ones healing, integration and recovery is important for clarity, freedom and inner peace. In the past 20 years many MK ultra survivors, whistleblowers, alien abductees, “contactees” and milab “Re-Ab” abductees have come forward to share their anomalous experiences.(See Milabs—A Pandora’s Box…

  • Karla Turner Articles-Abductions in the Gingerbread House

    These articles were contributed by AJ. Alien Abductions in the Gingerbread House by Karla K. Turner, Ph.D. World renowned UFO researcher Jacques Vallee has repeatedly referred to the similarities between UFO and abduction reports and the stories of folklore and fairy tales. I disagree with Dr. Vallee on many, many points of ufology, but here I…

  • Tribute to Dr. Karla Turner

    I hope to honor her memory in my continuance to uncover malevolent alien agenda’s, to expose the utter hell that abductees really experience in their lives and be brave enough to stand against our captors -as well as the all too human debunkers and cultists to write about them for what they are.