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  • The Aftermath of the Alien Love Bite, Soul Types and Predators

    Many of my clients and correspondences are from people who experienced some form of anomalous trauma, especially “hyperdimensional interference” issues and especially Dark Side of Cupid “love bite” relationships. (See: https://evelorgen.com/wp/books/ and https://evelorgen.com/wp/news/paranormal-romance-the-real-deal/) Many are disillusioned from the reality that these kinds of things even exist, where interference on levels “unseen” can predate upon our life force…

  • Panel Discussion on “Paranormal Interference in Human Love Relationships” THE LOVE BITE PLUS

    We have completed a 3 hour and 22 minute Panel Discussion on The Love Bite and The Dark Side of Cupid topic. This is the most comprehensive discussion yet available on the internet on the theme of paranormal interference in human love relationships. Orchestrations of “love bites”, interference patterns, disruptions of “true love” and so…

  • Radio Show and Updated News on Milab Round Table Event

    I just gave a great 2 hour interview on Masaki Akaida’s Youtube and Podcast Radio Show Monday July 20, 2015. Podcast: http://www.akaida.com/blog/akaida-podcast-004-eve-lorgen/ Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKPQV8lN5WI We discussed: – UFO abduction research in the 1990s, what was being discovered – The role of women as groundbreakers, healers in the ET / UFO research field – The Alien…

  • Soul Mates, Twin Flames or Love Bite?

    This Article appeared on Wake Up World Website on 11/29/014 http://wakeup-world.com/2014/11/29/soul-mates-twin-flame-or-love-bite/ Soul Mates, Twin Flame or Love Bite? By Eve Lorgen 11/26/014 Have you ever had a love connection with someone so strong, you believed they could be your soul mate or even a twin flame? Did this person who you thought to be “the…

  • Youtube Interview of Eve with Matrixxxbrazil channel

    We cover my new book, The Dark Side of Cupid and the milab Horus-Ra interview material. I talk about the archonitic intrusion possession situation, demonstrated in several of the cases in the Dark Side of Cupid.

  • Radio Show with Jeffrey Pritchett on Church of Mabus

    Eve will appear on Jeffrey Pritchett’s Church of Mabus Radio Show on Saturday September 8, 11 pm EST Updated link: http://churchofmabusradio.com/1056/church-of-mabus/eve-lorgen-the-dark-side-of-cupid-the-alien-love-bite-cohost-jason-wilson/ https://www.facebook.com/events/185312338268686/

  • About the Dark Side of Cupid–Summary of Book

    Supernatural interference can occur in a neutral, benevolent or predatory way, and discernment is an important part of how to recognize such interference. Over a dozen case histories are described, so that one can get a clear understanding via real life stories, how the Dark Side of Cupid operates.