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  • Eve Lorgen with Ari Kopel

    Part 2 of Alien Manipulation : 12/8/23 In this interview I discuss some new developments with the recent Ted Rice communication. He is the abductee in the late Dr. Karla Turner’s Masquerade of Angels book written decades ago. We talk about some new insights into alien manipulation via virtual reality scenarios as described in Ted…

  • Eve Lorgen Interview with Tony Sayer

    Tony Sayer and I had an engaging interview (from 11/5/020) discussion on all things related to the Alien Love Bite, Dark Side of Cupid and things I’ve researched over the years with Anomalous Trauma. We were able to talk freely. Topics covered: alien love bite, relating to alien abduction, visitation and interference patterns Milabs and…

  • Global Alien Interference–Dr. Corrado Malanga’s Research

    This is a summary of the research of Dr. Corrado Malanga concerning the alien abduction agenda. It mentions the aspects of aliens as parasites, cloning and how they utilize human soul energy as batteries.