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  • Snakes at the Water Cooler: The Reptilian Presence at the Office

    The truly spiritual person emits a soul light or aura that actually makes the entity ill although they do not understand why. So just as their energies make most humans ill, the energy of a spiritual person will make the rep/drac ill. Even the sight of a Bible or a religious photo or the mention…

  • From the Garden: Good vs Evil Reptilians

    More and more people are beginning to “wake up” and become aware that we have been infiltrated by beings that are not quite “human”. These “para-humans” which are part human and part…something else…walk amongst us in human forms yet are perceived as spiritually altered hybrid humans by many people.

  • The Birth of a Reptilian Host

    The Agenda: To create as much chaos and conflict as possible to generate negativity amongst our society. They attempt to make us as they are. They feed off our negative emotions whether it’s passion, lust, greed, hate, envy or wrath. They wish to weaken our spirit to make it easier for them to take over.…