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  • Graham Hancock and the War on Consciousness

    This is a video presentation by TED Talk which was BANNED, but luckily it’s out on Youtube. Hancock talks about his experience with Ayahuasca, the Ethnoegen that many South American shamans use for visionary and healing purposes. Ayahuasca is a female spirit herb teacher known by shamans all over the world  (but especially South America)…

  • Initiations by Wiz Kininigin

    However, I was also naively dabbling with the occult and along with Gabreal mixing with vice… We were a scheduled attraction. Then, during a breakaway tour to a foreign country, the unpredictable happened… something bit me… a spellbinder named Koral. She appeared beautiful, bewitching… Through her my being was cast with a Vipers Enchantment.