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Dream Abductions and Soul Entrapment: An...

Dream Abductions and Soul Entrapment: An Interview with Dr. Shmuel Asher with Randy Maugans

An aware researcher and correspondent sent me a link to an excellent and unique interview with Hebrew Rabbi and Scholar, Dr. Shmuel Asher. He is interviewed by Randy Maugans of Off Planet Radio in the TriUnity series on ancient Hebrew history, the Real versus the Archontic corrupted scriptures, religious programs and the reality of Spiritual […]

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Update to White Wolf Von Atzingen Interv...

Update to White Wolf Von Atzingen Interview

In 2013 I interviewed White Wolf Von Atzingen, survivor of an elite MK Ultra Delta assasin program carried out by the US government.┬áThis program was a compartmentalized department of the CIA named SOES, Shadow Operation Extermination Squad. The updated material consists of an informal Question and Answer dialogue format between “Kira” and several members […]

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