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  • Exopolitics Interview of Eve Lorgen with Michael Salla

    How ETs Manipulate Human Relationships in Abduction Programs This interview was recorded in late December 2023 My overall comments on the interview is that I really aimed to tell as much as I could, I admit I babbled on when I could have paused with more silent spaces.My apologies for that, I admit I was…

  • Complex Trauma Recovery and Pitfalls to Healing

    Over the years my work in Anomalous Trauma has led me to valuing an understanding and practice of complex trauma recovery. In my early years of researching the Alien Abduction experience, milabs, Mk Ultra, Cult abuse and especially narcissistic abuse, certain things kept surfacing that tended to sabotage true recovery from trauma. Although there is…

  • Disguised Grief as Blocks to Healing Trauma

    Disguised Grief as Blocks to Healing Trauma

    Grief is an emotion many of us just do not want to feel, at least for any extended period of time. Sadness can precede deeper expressions of grief and if we do not fully understand ourselves psychologically, we can unconsciously resist releasing grief. Fear and dread of feeling sadness and buried grief can result in…

  • Anomalous Trauma Overview – You tube video

    This is a YouTube Video of an Introduction to Anomalous Trauma by Eve Lorgen