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Spiritual Warfare and the “Alien Love Bi

Spiritual Warfare and the “Alien Love Bite”

This was the first stage of spiritual warfare. These distractions were effective for most abductees from getting to the core issues of their alien abduction memories. Deeper levels of spiritual warfare presented itself as “reprisals” to the abductee and/or researcher after any truthful information was shared in support group or during counseling sessions. These reprisals often took the form of abductions, verbal threats in vivid dreams, or virtual reality scenarios where something terrorizing or painful was done.

Alien Civil Affairs Programs – Part 2

Alien Civil Affairs Programs – Part 2

Some abductees cannot read certain anti-alien books because they always fall asleep whenever they try to read them. I have observed all of the above again and again. They are all control mechanisms meant to keep the abductee in a state of ignorance and denial. I have known of numerous instances when someone who wants to obtain “hard core” information about the aliens is suddenly stricken with unknown illnesses, financial problems, car problems, family problems, children getting sick ad nauseum. The end result is that the abductee is unable to meet a certain researcher and cannot undergo hypnotic regression.