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Interview with Eve Lorgen by Corinna Blo...

Interview with Eve Lorgen by Corinna Bloess

It’s a high drama emotional roller coaster replete with paranormal and psychic effects, and can leave the stricken person in exhaustion. One may be guided to meet and interact with a targeted partner, with the aliens giving you telepathic instructions and even subliminal suggestions to do things with this person you may not ordinarily do. During the high drama of the love connection, alien visitations and paranormal events escalate.

Possession and Predation

Possession and Predation

It seems that both the Archons and the Greys have a problem with connection to the source, the Creator or Prime Being, as Kerner calls it — this would allude somehow to Sophia in Gnostic tradition. Kerner says that they lack the soul life or “soul line” that would connect them with a conscious sense of eternity, and allow them to return to the source.