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  • Eve Lorgen on Journey to Truth Podcast

    Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships & SSP Trauma Bonded Twins In this interview we were able to discuss quite a bit about my work with the discovery of “alien orchestrated human bonding dramas, aka “the alien love bite”. We also journeyed into the arenas of what and how these kinds of experiences happen, who…

  • Eve Lorgen on Truth Frequency Radio with Nikki Columbo

    The show aired Saturday, September 14, 9 pm Eastern time on Truth Frequency Radio with host Nikki Columbo. https://tfrlive.com/alien-interference-in-relationships-eve-lorgen-87588/  EPISODE #45 AIRED: 09-14-2019    Nikki: Tonight I talk to special guest and an amazing contributor to humanity Eve Lorgen author of The Dark Side of Cupid and The Love Bite:Alien interference in Human Love Relationships.…

  • Alien Imposition: RISE Round Table Discussion

    I will take part in a Round Table Discussion on the issue of Alien Imposition on Saturday July 12, 6 pm Eastern time. Presenters include, George Kavassilas, Tom Montauk, Carissa Conte, Laura Lee Mistycah and myself. See the link below to find out more or sign up to be an interactive participant in this riveting…

  • Shadowlands Voyager Interview Now on Youtube

    This was a unique interview in that we were able to discuss many women’s issues, the healing journey, facing the shadow, Patriarchy’s deceptions, false gods and how this all relates to the alien interference and soul energy vampirism in this world.

  • Alien Hierarchies and the Research of Dr. Corrado Malanga: An Interview with Dr. Malanga through Dorica Manu

    What can we do? With understanding, and becoming whole again, we will naturally stop feeding the “shadow” as Jung would say. Stop feeding the aliens and buying into the illusions they feed us. This is how we get out of this mess.