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  • Alien Jigsaw Website Back Online

    Here are some pertinent links that have been re-instated on the Alien Jigsaw Website. For a while it was down due to a “cyber stalking harassment” issue. So here are some good updates on Flouresence Markings in Alien Abduction Cases, and Steve Colbern’s (Associate of Dr. Roger Leir) work on alien implant analysis. Also included is…

  • Reptilian Abductee/Milab Ken Bakeman, Interview by Jeffery Pritchett

    Ken Bakeman, a veteran alien abductee and milab, discusses his lifetime of alien encounters by several types of aliens and humans. He knows of at least 5 types of reptilian-lizard beings, Greys, blue dwarfs, tanned-Nordic types with plastic looking skin, MIBs, human military and engagement in milab operations. Ken talks about numerous experiences including being…

  • Alien Abductee Shares Knowledge of Reptilian Alien Weaponry

    Matt R., shares his insights on reptilian-alien weaponry. These weapons were witnessed by Matt R., in more than one abduction, notably in the “mall training abduction exercise” before Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana. These fire blasting weapons are suspected to be the same high-powered, energy flamethrower observed in another recent reptilian sighting case in Arizona, USA.…

  • New Interview With Eve in alternate Perceptions Magazine

    This is a new interview done by Brent Raynes and myself for the Alternate Perceptions magazine 12/8/012: Interview can be found at: http://apmagazine.info/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=325

  • SIMBAD Session Results with Serbian Abductee

    A colleague in Serbia translated their SIMBAD  session results into English. Vladimir is an abductee who has undergone at least 4 SIMBAD sessions with an abductions hypnotherapist who is familiar with the research of Dr. Corrado Malanga of Italy. (http://flashmentalsimulation.wordpress.com/liberation-techniques/simbad/) These are his words describing his SIMBAD findings and implant sketches. Some are quite detailed.…

  • Video Interview of Eve Lorgen with Jon Kelly

    Energy vampirism when viewed from a shamanic perspective, can open our eyes to the unseen entities which may be responsible for this form of “paranormal interference” and soul energy feeding.

  • Reptilian Abductee Updates his Blog

    These abductions involved dozens of police and military members.The main purpose of these workshops were to train reptilians , and select groups of abductees, in crowd control.

  • Youtube Interview of Eve with Matrixxxbrazil channel

    We cover my new book, The Dark Side of Cupid and the milab Horus-Ra interview material. I talk about the archonitic intrusion possession situation, demonstrated in several of the cases in the Dark Side of Cupid.

  • Anubis, Egyptian Jackal-Headed Being Visits Sleeping Couple

    Brett described to me in his own writing four separate unusual incidents, the first one with Anubis in March of this year, followed by several more incidents: a flying orb “UFO” and the sudden appearance of scratches on one of Megan’s children, after a nightmare about “monsters”.

  • Radio Show with Jeffrey Pritchett on Church of Mabus

    Eve will appear on Jeffrey Pritchett’s Church of Mabus Radio Show on Saturday September 8, 11 pm EST Updated link: http://churchofmabusradio.com/1056/church-of-mabus/eve-lorgen-the-dark-side-of-cupid-the-alien-love-bite-cohost-jason-wilson/ https://www.facebook.com/events/185312338268686/