Energetic Rape: Who’s Doing it and Why–Interview of Eve Lorgen with Kinda Sound Radio in South Africa

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Shellee-Kim Gold of Kinda Sound Radio in South Africa in October 2020. We talked about the reality of “astral rape” and all its permutations of what the heck is this…and why?

  • Astral Dream Hacking
  • Incubus-succubus situations
  • Alien Love Bite definition
  • False Twin Flames “in the Astral Plane”
  • Astral sex with Celebrities, who are really “shapeshifting reptilians” or other demonic creatures
  • Sorcerer Guru types and Astral Rape
  • Hyperdimensional Interference–what does that mean

One of the questions Shellee asked me was, “How can you protect yourself from these astral rapes and dream hacking…as well as the interference?” I mentioned the usual things, of course (ie. no porn watching before bed, dah..) but one major method of protection I forgot to mention is calling out on the name of Jesus Christ. This assumes one is also “living the way of the words of Jesus Christ” to the best of their ability with the purity of intention to really do whatever (or not do) whatever is necessary to stop these energetic rapes.

Our interview can be found at:

Podcast episode, on https://anchor.fm/kindasoundradio/episodes/Energetic-Rape-Whos-Doing-It–Why-emat10

You can also catch the episode on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/6YtDzvNxMdp6pvABwyRDJO?si=IjH_pD3KQ26gbdFR5lw63w

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