“Why the Narcissist Takes Your Soul”: Interview with Eve Lorgen by Anoushka Marcin

This interview came out on YouTube May 16, 2021. In this interview Anoushka Marcin, a psychology therapist, specializes in “Narcissistic Abuse” and other counseling related interpersonal and social dynamics. In our first interview we introduced my work in Anomalous Trauma and focused on the supernatural elements which often accompany certain Narcissistic “relationship patterns” such as with “demonically hosted” narcissists.

A summary of topics explored were:

Why I specialized in Anomalous Trauma 

Love Bite relationship “set-ups” by ETs and/or other dimensional beings

Psychological versus Supernatural understanding of Love Bite and Dark Cupid relationships

How to tell if someone is “hosted”

Case histories of things that happen when a third-party entity is interfering related to a narcissist

Behaviors and dynamics of entity interference and demonic oppression/control/hosting

Narcissistic Abuse patterns, and how to get out of confusion and powerlessness

Safe Communication while healing from and discovering you are in a narcissistic relationship

The Triple Parenting Act for spouses/partners of Narcissists, especially during divorce

How hosted and covert Narcissists “playing experts” in self-help groups often entrap others into self-disclosure and publicly humiliate and devalue/discard them “for fun”, because they are “compelled” by demons.

How to rebuild your confidence, clarity, energy and get your life back after Narcissistic Abuse

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