I will appear as one of the interviewed alien abduction researchers on Monsters and Mysteries TV Show. The name of this Episode is entitled, “Aliens Cloned my Husband (Gloria Hawker case) , Alien Matrix (Eve Lorgen interview) and the Betty and Barney Hill Alien Abduction. Air time is normally Sundays at 10 pm but this episode will be on Friday night at 10 pm (PT and ET) according to their schedule you can find here:


If you do not have the Discovery Channel to see the show, you can get a free Amazon Prime trial to watch Monsters and Mysteries in America by checking the Amazon link on this website page:


Check Schedule Here Also: http://www.yidio.com/tv-schedule

I think you can only view the show once it’s on the current day of the schedule or afterwards.

The production company is M2 Pictures and this is aired via The Discovery Channel.  I was interviewed last November, and spoke about abduction related fluorescence, implants, virtual reality scenarios of alien and milab cases, and a bit about my own research with alien interference and manipulation. I do not know how this show was edited, so it will be new to me how it unfolds. If I have any issues about how it is “spun” you can be certain I will comment on it after the show airs.

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