Triad Color Test (TCTD) Update by Dr. Corrado Malanga

The Triad Color Test is a Liberation Method technique that can be applied alone or in conjunction with the other neurolinguistic liberation methods that Dr. Corrado Malanga created, called SIMBAD and FMS.

The Color Test is unique in that it can be done relatively quickly with success in many individuals. It’s aim is to quickly descipher which component of the abductee is affected by alien parasites or attachments. For example, one could tell whether the mind is primarily affected or the spirit or the soul or all three. Once the parasites are cleared, along with the Soul consciousness awareness about this “experience”, then the abductee can re-integrate all these components with a greater sense of clarity, and less alien interference.

In this update, Dr. Malanga comments on the importance of fully understanding the method with respect to its meaning from a Quantum Wave/Particle Physics perspective, and of Bohm and the Morphogenic Field theories. He also emphasizes the importance of the operator/therapist of this method must be clear themselves, with a deep understanding of their own issues as well as the clients. I agree completely, in that unless one is really working on their own healing and recovery issues with full awareness and insights, it may be difficult to “clear and free/heal” someone else. It’s also true that each person must take personal responsibility for their own healing and awareness process, by relying more and more on their own divine Soul consciousness connection. We, as the operator who guides the client through this process is just a guide, and the abductee has to also be ready and willing to open up their own awareness of their experience to take back control of their own lives by consistently connecting with their Soul and other components on a regular basis. This may mean a period of emotional processing and insights that dramatically change their life.

*Note: This is an 8 part series and has been updated since first posting


December 21, 2012

Part 1: Introduction

This article describes the final standard procedure which allows, to whoever practises it, the capacity to acquire the potential ability to access one’s own awareness.

In this test, or experimental procedure, we carried out all past theoretical practices and experiences found in our research in the field of human perception which we applied to the study of exogenous phenomena on planet Earth. The previous procedure, from which this one stemmed, aimed at finding a solution to the phenomenon of alien abductions. We had created a procedure called TRIAD DYNAMIC COLOR TEST which gave us very good results.

The previous procedure of the simple TRIAD COLOR TEST compiled a very complex mental simulation which was guided by an external operator who guided the abductee into simulating a completely dark mental room which contained spheres that looked like unlit lamps. These lamps were lit mentally by the abductee. They represented mind, spirit and soul. Through a simple archetypal mechanism, we could analyze the colours of the three lamps and obtain a psychological frame with with all the problems and issues of the subject, namely, alien interferences which depended on the psyche of the subject and attached themselves to all the experiences of the abductee’s life.

In the cases of abductees, the colours of the luminous spheres were guided by the operator of the abductee and whose objective was to correct the sphere’s colours mentally: green for the mind, red for the spirit and blue or yellow for the soul.

Then we asked the subject to individuate the presence of other luminous spheres in the mental room. Any other spheres present, other than the 3, corresponded to alien intrusions. The subject’s mind would see the intrusions as luminous spheres of different colours and as such it became possible to identify memories of alien activities, the presence of lux, discarnate parasites and implants in the body of the subject.

The soul sphere was encouraged to mentally eliminate all the objects and subjects alien to that mental room by an act of sheer will. All connections and their constructors of this virtual, dual universe were eliminated mentally.

Once the subject became separated from its manipulative creators, we asked the soul component to envision, through a mental scanner, the body of the abductee, verifying the presence of alien and military implants, destroying them one by one, through an act of sheer will.

We then asked the soul component to seek throughout space and time all copies of the abductee’s container, which were also eliminated through an act of sheer will.

The soul component would examine the time line and ascertain that in the future, and since it now changed the future, then also the past was changed, there would be no further cases of abudctions. The subject became free of its abductors. We asked the soul’s awareness to look at the “album of photographs” where it could see all the different types of aliens who had disturbed the abductee’s existence in the past. The aliens were easily recognized and identified at the conscious level, thus preventing further unconscious abudctions.

In the end the three spheres wre united in one sphere of colour white which would be the sum total of green, red and blue or yellow. The fusion for the three aware spheres of the triad was perceived as an algebraic sum of the three frequencies corresponding to the three colours which the mind had automatically produced.

The results of this procedure, which lasted approximately two hours and forty minutes, succeeded in letting the triad acquire the necessary awareness to not be subjected to abudctions in the future, by aliens, by the military and by influences of cosmic creators of various natures, e.g. the mythical ones like, for instance, Shiva and Vishnu, as discussed in GENESI III by the same author.

The results were good, but not optimal.

Many subjects, after this experiement, acquired the ability to defend themselves from their past, often experienced abudctions, but because of extreme serious psychotic deficiencies on account of abductions in the past, they were not able nor ready to maintain this position throughout their existence on the planet.

It became, therefore, necessary to apply further experiments and applications of this kind of method in order to liberate the abductee throughout its existence on Earth, as relapses often occurred. Most of these relapses occurred because we were not aware of the alien agenda and the way in which their stretegies changed in accordance to the abductee’s new abilities, thus furthering the ability to re-abduct.

This long procedure demonstrated a series of failures, often because the abductees did not possess the strength and will to follow through with all the requirements. Some abductees found that they did not, really, wish to free themselves of abductions. Some psychotic reactions occurred. Some abductees, being so used to living with abductions, felt that life with alien interferences would be more interesting than life without alien interference. We therefore tried to create a barrier which would render the soul component impregnable while remaining on guard. But even so, we noted the that “Super-I” of the subject, did not have the self-esteem to maintain this mental barrier which after a time became fragile and sooner or later the subject would once again fall into the manipulation of aliens.

Part 2: The New Procedure

In the past year we were able to further observe the results of the experiments we had conducted and discern errors made in the old Triad Dynamic Color Test. These new observations were made at the quantum level. In particular, understanding that the universe is not dual made us realize that separation does not exist.

Duality, as we have previously described, is a perceptive deception instilled in the human mind. The universe has been errouneously lived in a double, dual hypothesis where extremes belong to two different categories: good and bad, lit and unlit, on and off, masters and slaves, rich and poor, + and -. In our universe of space, time and energy, these are perceptive illusions. The duality of wave-particle was restructured in a new, non-dual optic, attached to awareness of consciousness and not to elusive, hidden parameters, so actively sought but never found in modern physics.

The assumption that the virtual universe is not dual made us understand that something had tried to make us believe the opposite. We discovered that duality is a system used to categorize man, to make him believe that he is responsible for the created front which is opposed to the other front. Duality was the system through which aliens forced man to battle false battles. Duality caused both fronts to collide in eternity with the formula of “divide and conquer”. This worked until we realized it’s all been a betrayal.

Some observations in the field of quantum physics allowed us to understand how duality did not exist other than in a perceptive way. We understood that the second principle of thermodynamics could observe where the universal entropy lay in relation, not so much of the energy of the system, but more to the awareness of the system which is otherwise attached to its own energy.

But the conclusion of all these observations took us in only one direction: that duality does not exist! The universe is not divided into two lower universes. The universe is one, like a box in which many beings live with different levels of awareness, in a vast range of gradients.

The universe is not dual in and unto itself, but it has become dual as perceived by non integrated consciousness. Therefore, because of this non integrated consciousness, in the tradition of the old Triad Dynamic Color Test, we were unable to erect barriers to keep abductees safe and protected since this barrier would sooner or later break down. Abductees could not defend themselves against the abductive aliens with such a barrier. The idea was to re-unite mind, soul and spirit to their original states of union, thus restoring and removing the separation between them.

The separation between mind, spirit and soul was created by the constructors of duality. Man’s consciousness, that is, Creation, cannot be manipulated by anyone if integrated. This manipulation is possible only if consciousness has been categorized and separated. We discovered that soul, mind and spirit exist only in our perception of duality and not in the origins of consciousness. Consciousness contains all colours because the combination of soul, mind and spirit contain all the colours. Every colour represents a part of consciousness. The three colours of consciousness no longer exist once they are re-united, no longer divided, and acquire full awareness and realization that they had been divided.

The total sum of the three spheres is the colour white. This becomes so when consciousness has been re-integrated.

According to the physics of Zero Point Energy, we asked ourselves whether the points in space which are empty, are indeed full, and whether emptiness and fullness annihilate each other, therefore everything becomes nothing and nothing becomes everything and in the end, it’s all the same. The transparent sphere is nothing and everything. But since the transparent sphere does not have consistency, nothing can attach to it. The transparent sphere represents the quantum wave.

The concept of wave and particle is equal to the concept of being unwittingly aware, as we do not know where in space and time it is localized.

In very poor words, as words are poor when it comes to describing such matters, integrated consciousness can be wave or particles, as it wishes to be. To present oneself to an alien as a wave, one would become invisible since one is transparent, that is, from a quantum view, therefore one could refuse to partake in the alien abduction experience. To be a particle would allow the exprience of interference.

The above concept can be understood by integrated consciousness as integrated consciousness has acquired awareness enough to know what to do, to decide one million times per day, before the entire universe, whether to participate in an certain experience and be a particle, or whether to refuse the experience and become invisible, therefore become a wave. To be a wave means that “one knows that it is, but one doesn’t know where not when it is”.

In much simpler terms, integrated consciousness knows how to become invisible so as to avoid alien abduction experiences.

The new experimental part of the Triad, which takes no more than 15 minutes, in one single application, renders the fusion of the triad irreversible. It teaches integrated consciousness virtual concepts of quantum physics in a way that it understands and can be effectively executed by whoever follows the exercise, allowing the subject to become re-integrated with oneself.

The procedure was not constructed in order to save man from alien abductions per se, but to teach one to acquire awareness of oneself. Once one acquires awareness and becomes re-integrated with oneself, the subject who practises the technique would be freed from the problem of abductions. If the subject has never been abducted, one would be freed from the creations of false gods and demons who would no longer have any power over the subject.


Part 3: The Non-Local Universe and the Abductive Experience

In this Triad experiment we could not foretell nor predict the destruction of microchips and implants. We could not predict the destruction of copies of the abductees’ containers. It was merely an experiment.

The experiment is not traumatic.

We knew it had to be conducted under very light auto-hypnosis, the lightest yet, which could be modified according to personal need.

We underline that living in a non local universe where past and future do not exist, then only the present exists. This new procedure had an immediate effect on the Time Line as known in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

At the moment that the spheres unite and become one perfectly transparent sphere, not only does this re-integrate consciousness, but such integration becomes irreversible, never to be separated again in the axis of time.

The function of the quantum wave of the past and the future collapse into the present, giving reality only to the now. In this context, once consciousness is reconstructed, it becomes as if it had never been divided and since it cannot be manipulated anymore, it feels as if it never had been manipulated in the past.

At the moment of fusion of the spheres, memories of abductions and their trauma disappear and all copies of the abductee’s container are destroyed wherever they were formed.

The abduction experiences can be recalled by the mind, but without any emotional charge because the past has been modified and it feels as if it had never existed.

The new procedure guarantees freedom for integrated consciousess. The transparent sphere can become wave at any given moment, or particle if it should so wish. In other words, it can be invisible or visible. It can choose to interact with aliens if it should so wish, and it can just as easily refuse to have the experience.

The new procedure did not seek to physically eliminate the abudcting aliens but simply to become invisible to them. As a wave, the possibility of even coming face to face with an alien is greatly reduced and the alien would not be able to see the human with integrated consciousness. Still, one has the freedom to do so, to be seen as a particle, and to interact, if for whatever reason one wishes to.

Integrated consciousness assimilates everything, as for example, do the microscopic components of Bohm’s quantum physics.

Part 4: There Are No Failures In This Technique

It also needs to be underlined that every technique has its weaknesses and limits which must be recognized.

In this technique, there are no bugs, but this does not mean that the subject will never be abducted again. The subject, even with integrated consciousness, will be re-abducted if its consciousness desires it to be.

There are many reasons for this. An abductee can be freed of his problem for over a year, but can be re-abducted, let’s say, during a particular night, and this will be evident by bruises on the body the following morning.

By reconstructing the episode through Neuro Linguistic Programming, some things become evident. The aliens will have entered the abductee’s home as in the past. Since the now freed abductee is no longer visible, perhaps they (the aliens) will, for instance, go to his brother’s room and abduct his brother. The now re-integrated abductee becomes aware that his brother is being abducted and goes to his brother’s aid to stop the aliens. Through this confrontation, the now liberated abductee becomes visible again. An altercation occurs with the aliens which may not be identifiable until the following day when memory returns. Once the ex abductee becomes visible to the aliens again, he can be re-abducted as well.

In other cases, the ex abductee can become vengeful and seek to punish the abductors because he feels that they have ruined his life in the past. The alien will fight back. It is imperative for the ex abductee to let go of bitterness because as long as a psychological resentment exists, the ex abductee will be tempted to seek revenge, thus never ending his problem.

This technique can be applied also to persons who have never been abducted, or who do not have any memory of abductions even if they have been taken before. After consciousness re-integrates, all memory will return, if the ex abductee wishes to regain memory because awareness will always contain memories if one wishes to access them. If one has never been abducted, then the technique will serve as protection from anything like that ever occurring.

At times, an ex abductee decides to be re abducted in order to have a game to play because he now knows how to end the game if he so wishes. But this is a very dangerous game even if the ex abductee is not subjugated the way he was in the past. In this case, the transparent sphere cannot be abducted, but the body can.

So it is imperative that the transparent, aware sphere be re-integrated with its proper container otherwise the container can be re-abducted even if the sphere cannot. This is especially important for females, as they are very desirable to aliens and can be used a more ways than a male can, even to the point of being impregnated and used as a farm animal to carry the alien’s seed. Integrated consciousness, once it has become so, must be integrated with its proper container otherwise it may never end this problem for good.


Part 5: What is Integrated Consciousness?

By integrated consciousness we mean the part of the primordial consciousness which created the virtual universe and which is integrated in virtuality, having awareness of space, time and energy. It is the sum of its three components, with virtual characteristics. It knows the meaning of space, time and energy. It speaks in neutrality, no male nor female. it dominates space, time and energy and it can potentially express itself in paranormal ways, using its container in order to experience.

Since integrated consciousness needs to have experiences, then it does not have awareness of Everything, because if it did, it would have no need to integrate itself in the virtual universe which it created.

This new Triad technique renders integrated man with no divisions between its components. It takes one back to the ORIGINAL condition, but there is way to predict when the original condition will actually occur as it has not reached that level yet.

Once the Triad experience has been effectuated, the descriptive map of the territory of each person changes and the subject will realize the true problems and issues of the virtuality which he has decided to affront, often; in other words, all the bewilderments which, in the extreme, could hypothetically flow in a decision by integrated consciousness to go back in time. Integrated consciousness needs to experience and it could choose to go back in time, but this has extremely rarely been chosen. This does not mean that the technique fails in accomplishing going back in time, quite the contrary, it demonstrates that in this universe, arbitrary experiences are free and absolute.

In the cases we experimented with, in one year’s time, none of the fully integrated conscious beings allowed themselves to be re-abducted. Attempts were made on some containers, but were not realized.

From a quantum view, the three vectors of space, time and energy express themselves in creating a virtual reality, while the three vectors of consciousness, as we described in Genesi III, represent the only way in which to indirectly measure consciousness itself and they are directly super-imposed on one another while becoming one single vector of consciousness.

The three vectors of consciousness being soul, mind and spirit are non commutable and are placed at 90 degrees from one another and are not superimposable in the white sphere. The transparent sphere, once it comes a single point, as we will soon see, produce the final superimposition of the three vectors of consciousness, completely destroying the schizoid separation of spirit, soul and mind which existed in an imperfect being, vulnerable, because of lack of internal coherence.

The most evident characteristics of integrated consciousness, as revealed in hypnosis, are the following:

We speak of the subject as he (this of course, means he or she)

  • – The subject has constructed the universe but doesn’t know why he has constructed it the way it is
  • – The subject sustains that the being exists because it manifests itself in doing
  • – The subject sustains that duality does not exist, and if it did exist it is because in doing, to be everything, one must do everything
  • – The subject sees and perceives the universe in a completely virtual way, like a mocked up universe, without any apparent solidity
  • – Integrated consciousness sees the universe in a real sense as well – real and/or virtual together – at the same time.

Integrated consciousness learns to be an observer of itself from infinite points which look at the centre of itself and from that centre, it looks towards infinite points.

In the realization that integrated consciousness can travel in virtuality, proceeding to have visions in any space and time, it slowly begins to experience many aspects of paranormal nature which become more and more evident in the day to day life.


Part 6: The Technique Operates On Oneself

During the classic Triad Color Technique, because of its duration and complexity, we utilized external help. The conductor guided the subject in his mental simulation, step by step, until finally uniting the spheres into one white sphere. During the experiment of the new technique, we realized from the beginning that there were partial failures and sought the causes of these failures. We then effected the theory of the mirror.

The universe, according to our perceptions, is of a wholistic nature, meaning that nothing is separated from everything, as verified by equations of Bohm’s physics. We realized that the reactions that another had, depended exclusively on me. If someone argues with me, it is because inside me I have not reached my internal harmony. For instance, if I enter a room and I notice someone I find unpleasant, even if I say nothing, he will notice. My hostility will manifest itself in a small gesture which will produce a violent reaction against me. I will therefore have to respond in some way because technically, I did not start the argument, however I was the first one to to have a negative reaction to his presence. In this context, the other will respond negatively to me, because I, through the morphogenetic field, have communicated my discomfront towards him.

We noted that some subjects found the method difficult to execute. If something was misunderstood, they experienced problems after the experiment. Some abductees did not understand the quantum effects of wave and particle. Even if not re-abducted, they were unable to become invisible to the alien who remained parasitically present in the subject’s daily life. Other abductees found it difficult to separate themselves from the aliens since they did not understand that the past does not exist. They therefore remained bound to the alien.

Throughout a deeper analysis, I effectuated on myself as well as some of my colleagues did on themselves (those practising the Triad). I noted that during the test, words acquired a very deep meaning, but behind words there was another type of meta communication even deeper and more efficient than words. During the test, the conductor would produce a package of information which migrated from his consciousness to the consciousness of the abductee. As long as the abductee was willing to acquire the informative package, he would obtain all the information which the conductor passed on to him. In other words, the new Triad could have potentially been conducted in total silence and the results would probably have been the same. But since humans use words in this current virtuality, then we verbalized our intentions and directions in order to teach consciousnesss what quantum means. But in this context, if my mental informative package contained some dissonance, such dissonance would be transmitted to the subject.

In simpler words, if I have an unresolved issue about my past and I conduct the Triad experiment on an abductee, he may free himself from alien abudctions, but he might continue to be haunted by past images, such as seeing the aliens next to his bed as he is trying to go to sleep even if the alien is not there. This problem would occur because of my unresolved issues.

In even simpler terms, if I have an illness and I go to a doctor and the doctor has the same illness as myself which he has not managed to cure in himself, then he cannot cure me of the same illness since he has the same problem I have.

This does not only work in the case of the meta informative package during the experiment. It works on all levels in relation to day to day life amongst living beings.

We realized what a problem this was. Unless the conductor has become as clear as crystal about his past issues and resolved them, he will not be able to completely clear his subject of his problem.

Therefore, one should not be a conductor unless one is completely free of his issues from the past. Of course, there are no perfect beings and the technique was extremely successful but the clearer the conductor, the better the results, even if there were some inconsistencies.

It would be best if the experiment were conducted on oneself by oneself so that no one else’s issues may enter the consciousness of the subject. Of course, this means one has to have a very strong desire to free oneself of one’s problems. It goes without saying that a complete understanding of the procedure is absolutely necessary. One cannot carry out the procedure by simply reading the experimental part and going ahead. One must understand every single step. One must read and re-read all the details of the procedure, study them, understand them completely. One must digest and process and be fully clear on the meaning of all the steps. As a pre-requisite, one must read the three works titled GENESI I, GENESI II, GENESI III and one must understand their functions and mental simulations. One must understand the classic Triad Color Test first before attempting to go ahead and try this new technique. Interpretative errors, are, of course, very possible. But the information is available to everyone at the level of the holographic grid through the morphogenetic field.

After the experiment, every subject must understand that doubts may seep into the consciousness since the test integrates consciousness while abolishing duality. The container may feel somewhat disturbed. But let us be clear that even the successful completion of the test will not change the destiny of the subject. The subject will continue to walk its experiential path.

Once the test has been successfully completed, if there are questions, those questions should not be asked to anyone, but to oneself. Once consciousness has been re-integrated, it can resolve its own issues.

The final harmony which is aspired to is not the banal result of just getting rid of aliens, even if they have destroyed the abductee’s life in the past. At this point, aliens are no longer a danger, so let them be. Do not seek to destroy them. They are no longer a danger to you.

When questions arise, one must ask those questions to the divine part of oneself, for this part will always answer.

Any malady stems from a state of incomprehension caused by separation and healing comes through the aquisition of the awareness of integrated consciousness.

This technique can serve anyone, abductee or not, since it works on such deep levels that it frees the being from false Gods and real Demons who have not wanted to have difficult experiences themselves, but caused them in us so that they could study and understand these experiences without suffering them themselves. They’ve understood the experiences through our pain.

In a dual universe, love and hate are two sides of the same coin. Our governing Gods played a game with us in showing us only one side of the coin so that we would have only half an experience, like half a life. This actually means that “they” are only halves themselves.

We can be Everything. If we are not, it is because what we lack is what was stolen from us.

This theft has caused us to have a very weak awareness as we do not understand that we are One. When we understand this, we will be able to see how the mirror works. Humans saw in the aliens the despicable part which they didn’t wish to see in themselves. Aliens saw in humans, the fragility that they refuse to see in themselves.

When duality dies, every one of us becomes aware of oneself. And from that moment on, one can look in the mirror and see only oneself, because inside oneself is the entire universe with all the answers to all the questions.


Part 7: The Experimental Part

Be sure you will not be disturbed. Relax. Close your eyes.

Immerse yourself in the darkness of your mental room. You are in the centre of this room. There are three lamps in the room. You may not see them because of the darkness. But you will sense them and will light them one by one. Light up the lamp of your mind first, your spirit second, your soul third.

Observe these lamps in your mental room. You are your “I” – your essence. Observe the position, the colour, the size, the distance from floor to ceiling of this room. The only sources of light in your room will be the three lamps.

Go to the lamp that represents your soul. Immerse your arm inside the lamp. Listen and perceive the sensations, lactile and otherwise. What do you feel? Cold or hot? Dense or liquid? Gaseous? Is there an odour emitting from the lamp? Is there a sound?

While perceiving the sensations of your soul which is now a luminous sphere, ask your soul to remember when, at the beginning of time, it was united with mind and spirit, which at the time did not exist because separation had not yet occurred. Ask your soul to go back to that point in time, when soul, mind and spirit were one thing, when the three levels of consciousness were one. Slowly you will have sensations and images of that time. Now ask you soul if it wishes to go back to that primordial state. Observe and let your soul sphere observe what happened then and why the sphere of consciousness became separated and split into three different spheres.

Become aware of everything.

When soul decides, if soul decides, to go back to that instant and become whole again, ask your soul to re-unite with the other two spheres. If the spheres wish to change colour while doing so, let them. Consciousness contains all the colours so they may now change colour if they wish.

Now it is time to proceed in the act of fusion of the three lamps to become one single lamp where all the colours will be. This single lamp, if observed closely, will contain every colour in the universe, every little point of light will be of a different colour. If the lamp is observed from far away, it will be white, as the union of all the colours is white.

At this point ask your luminous sphere, which is the sum of the three previous spheres, to completely fuse, to absorb every colour there is and therefore become transparent.

When the sphere transforms itself into a completely invisible sphere, luminous, but without borders, consciousness will re-integrate and will simply Be! Tell your integrated consciousness that nothing and everything are the same thing. If you are nothing, then nothing can touch you. As soon as your sphere will become transparent there will be no more aliens or other intruders to distub you. You are now transparent and nothing can attach to you. If anything or anyone comes to you, they would simply fall through.

Re-assure your integrated consciousness that there are no longer any barriers separating soul, mind and spirit. The barriers have been eliminated as ultimately, they never really existed since the past has now been modified and no one can interfere with the spheres because they are now united as in the beginning.

Now, enter the mental room with your body and go inside the transparent sphere. The sphere and the body are now one thing. The sphere will take the form of your body and adapt itself to the form of your container as the container becomes an image of the sphere. You become a transparent sphere.

Now there are no barriers, no walls, no floor, no ceiling in your room as they no longer have reason to be. Integrated consciousness abates all barriers as it now looks out and sees infinity. Stay in this state and observe infinity. How does it appear to you? Contemplate infinity. Contemplate the state where you now reside.

After a while, ask your transparent sphere to listen to the universe while you become the universe. In order to achieve this, ask your luminous sphere to expand itself slowly. You will expand slowly, slowly, until you reach the confines of the universe. Do not rush. While you expand, slowly, touch the universe which you have created. Touch the universe until you have reached its limits. Your transparent sphere breathes in a huge, slow breath, absorbing the entirety of the universe into itself.

The instant that your breathe your huge breath lasts an eternity. Listen to your universe where you are everything.

Let your body become aware of the awareness of the entire universe.

Now let your transparent sphere, of which your body is now part, become smaller and smaller, but in doing so, make sure you take the entire universe with you, inside you. Do this slowly, smaller and smaller, until it becomes an infinitesimal point of light with the whole universe inside it. Feel and taste the sensation. Now become your regular dimension, the size of your body, containing the entire universe within you.

Your consciousness has now become integrated. It knows how to breathe to become a huge wave, or a small particle. As a huge wave, it can be everywhere and completely invisible. As a tiny particle, it will be visible and can interact with everything. Explain to your integrated sphere that it can always exist in either/or of these two states, as wave or particle, invisible or visible, and have any experience in virtual reality.

Your integrated consciousness will use your container/body to experience whatever it came here to experience. Protect your container always from abductors and others who wish to harm it. You can do this now that your consciousness has been integrated.

Stay in this state for a while and listen to yourself the way you have never listened to yourself before. Observe the universe all around you.


Part 8: Conclusion

The exercise, if effectuated without leaving out any of required steps described will be successfully executed, and if so, it needs to be done only once as the fusion of the spheres into one luminous sphere is irreversible.

Once consciousness is integrated one can travel throughout the universe without the need to re-visualize the fusion of the spheres because the luminous sphere is now transparent. If upon looking at the sphere, one notices that it has become opaque, this calls for another re-integration in order to ascertain that no further abductions will take place. This is our conclusion based on our observations thus far.

It must also be underlined that when initially entering the mental room it is possible that one may find less than three spheres. This could be because the spheres have already started to integrate before the exercise. It is also possible that one cannot see the spheres because upon entering the room one sees only darkness. In this event, proceed to unite the three spheres in your mind regardless of how many you see. It is also possible that one may encounter more than three spheres. In this case, make sure you recognize the three spheres that belong to you, namely: the soul, the mind and the spirit, and then proceed to fuse them together. Whatever superfuous spheres may be present in your room, will disappear once consciousness becomes integrated.

We repeat that the mental simulation can be executed by oneself provided that all the steps are carefully followed. Some subjects will require the external help of an operator, but only if it becomes impossible to do it on one’s own. For those who insist on getting outside help without even trying, those subjects are usually ones who do not wish to take responsibility for themselves and always depend on others for their existence. In this case, if they cannot help themselves, then they will probably not be helped by others either.

It is imperative, however, to understand every step completely as one cannot approach things one does not understand. It is imperative to understand every step at a very deep level for it is in knowing what one is approaching that one can have a successful experience.

Do not fear to try it. One should never fear, because there is nothing in the universe to be afraid of other than sheer ignorance.

Buon Viaggio!

(Bon Voyage!)

(Have a good trip!)

* I am working on finding a way to get the Genesis 2 and 3 out in English or at least a synopsis of its understanding as soon as I can find someone to assist in translations.

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