Toxic Relationship or Alien Love Bite?

Interview of Eve Lorgen with Judith Kwoba on Nightflight YouTube Channel

Bullet Points of Interview:

  • Macro scale “control and manipulation” tactics and agendas, what personality types are likely to be “behind the scenes”
  • General identification and description of Cluster B Personality Types and behaviors in relationships and positions of power
  • Red Flags of problematic behaviors and personality types in relationship dynamics and in groups
  • Why discernment often “does not happen” with even with those who are supposedly “spiritual” people when alien manipulation and/or interdimensional  handling is taking place
  • Emotional intelligence and clairvoyant perception of interdimensional beings
  • The Alien Love Bite discovery, dynamics and differences versus Toxic Narcissistic Abuse Relatioships
  • Hosting and possession by non humans, malevolent aliens, and demons, versus attachment
  • Grooming in alphabet soup agencies, and how they are often handled or being used to handle others
  • Alien handling with deeper cover “abductees”, versus human handlers
  • What to do when you realize you are with a narcissist or hosted person who is toxic to you
  • Why rational or even intuitive interpersonal reactions to the abuse won’t help you and what you must do
  • Astral Rape and false twin flame scenarios
  • New Energy Dynamic Model Online Support Group in January ( New Post announcement coming)

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