• The date for the group was put ahead one week due to a conflict in scheduling.This is a quick reminder that we have several spaces still open for our next block of Anomalous Trauma Support Group sessions, that start on Friday, April 8, at 4pm Eastern time zone.

This will be a block of 6 sessions, every week on Fridays and go for 2 and a half hours. It is on Zoom videoconferencing format, and all you need is audio and preferably a video camera. But this can be attended via telephone or iphone also. Zoom is free to download at www.zoom.us

This group will be facilitated by myself, Eve Lorgen and my colleague Laura Leon.( See: http://www.sovereignkees.com)

The topics of discussion will be geared towards the needs of the group, whatever specific types of experiences they feel the need to explore and talk about. This can include the spectrum of anomalous trauma as previously described on my main page. I want to be clear however, that this group is for those who are functional, not institutionalized, or having any major Axis 1 or 2 personality disorders such as Borderline, Narcissistic, Histrionic, major depression or major alcohol or substance abuse addictions. This is for those who sincerely want to work on personal growth, expand awareness and become more sovereign considering having had histories of anomalous trauma.

The emphasis of this kind of group is on reflective and empathic listening, learning how to develop emotional intelligence and expand personal awareness, exploration of what ones own history is, emotional triggers, patterns of behavior, blind spots, learning about boundaries and what it means to take personal responsibility for ones own healing process and sovereignty.

*This group is NOT for those who want to promote their own belief systems, advertise or network for clients in their own healing professions. It is not for those who cater to promoting “I’m a special ET hybrid contactee” mind control programs or Stockholme syndrome denial systems masked in New Age programming.

There is a nominal fee for the group at $25.00/session, and suggested to be paid in full for the 6 sessions. If this is your first group you may choose to pay the initial $25.00 for the first session, see if you wish to continue with the remaining sessions, then by the day before the next group session, pay for the remaining balance of $125.00 to do the entire block. If this can be done by the Wednesday before the group it allows time to have a space for those on the waiting list to join in on the second session.

How to sign up: Go to my web site under the contact Menu button. Scroll down to sign up for a session and click on the Donation Pay Pal button. Enter the amount you wish to pay, either $25.00 (first trial session) or the full $150.00 for the support group.Enter ATSG for April 1, 2016,  in the message section. You may also go directly to pay pal and enter the same fee amount and message to my email directly at elorgen@gmail.com

This is first come first serve. Payment ensures a spot in the group. It is suggested to make a payment reservation by the Monday before the Friday’s group. All payments are due by the Wednesday day before group session day. This allows time for us to send the zoom links and know who have spots available and for those on the waiting list. This group generally goes every few months, with a few weeks in between each block of group sessions. It is NOT a drop in group, and designed to be a commitment for the entire block. This ensures safety for the group.

Once the session is paid for, a Zoom link will be sent to the participating individuals. It is suggested to let the facilitators know at least three days prior to the group if they will attend and pay before attending. We want to keep this group small at 12 participants, so reserve your spot soon.

In the past several articles and topics have been suggested for reading or for topics of interest, such as:

Compassionate Communication, Reflective Listening and Inner Empathy Process

Interdimensional Interference and Emotional Triggering

Love Bite or Twin Flame, Relationship orchestration or interference issues

Narcissistic Abuse and Recovery

Mind Control, Programming and Abduction/Milab issues

If you have any questions, feel free to email Eve at : elorgen@gmail.com or Laura Leon at laudaleon@gmail.com

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