Newsletter Test and Message

I want to let my web viewers and newsletter subscribers that the outgoing newsletter portion of this system will be sent out. A few may have already been sent in the past week.

This is because the newsletter was not being sent automatically after I had set up Mailchimp, and had to work with a new plug-in on Word Press and other IT additions to get it working ok.

Sometimes the newsletter will appear in your spam mailbox, or contain one of those red “warning” or spam types of messages from your email provider/service, but it’s not spam. So check your spam so that you can receive the newsletter.

On another note, I and a colleague named Jennifer Foster will be starting an Online Zoom Support Group utilizing the Energy Dynamic Model as a structure to work with current issues related to a number of themes, including anomalous trauma. This will be a way to learn how to assess our own and others “Energy Dynamic” as well as how to build our energy for healing, awareness, contentment and sovereignty. See the original post:

Energy Dynamic Support Group

Upcoming article will be on something many of us may have encountered, but werent able to articulate or deal with easily: Social Blunders and Boundary Invasions. This will be something many of us can benefit from understanding and knowing how to deal with interpersonally and socially.

Happy New Year to you all!

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