This is a notification that the Radio show I did with Christine Joanna Hart of the Queen of Hart Show on Revolution Radio on March 10, 2016 is now on Youtube. It is the Bases 50 Part 22 Show. I noticed about an hour into the show there are some sound distortions occuring which made some statements sound the opposite of what I meant. For example, I said something to the effect that I did not believe the human race is innately evil or not evil, but it came out that I said I thought the human race is evil. I said this in the context that many of our belief systems in religion for example, make it out that humans are “sinners by nature” and evil whereas we innately in our true spiritual essence, are not evil and it’s the interference of archontic beings and demonic elements which corrupt and interfere to create the evil and corruption in this world being acted out by humans through the possession and cause of the archontic beings themselves. The spiritual war began millenia ago on the human race to corrupt it.

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