Illuminating the Shadowland Sunday Cybersalon

Sienna Lea, Radio Show Host for Illuminating the Shadowland and Eve Lorgen will co facilitate our first discussion forum relating to the radio show Friday night June 14, 2013 with Sienna and Eve. Much of our topics revolve around the issues noted below.

Episode 1– Illuminating the Shadowland–The human hosting of Invisible alien and malevolent forces.  How can we become aware of the invisible attacks on our consciousness and stop being  vulnerable to the Dark side?

Spiritual Warfare

  1. Malevolent alien visitations and attacks, such as Greys, Reptilians, Draconians
  2. Demonic attacks such as incubi, succubus and vampiristic attached entities
  3. Attacks by “hosted” human beings, black magicians, sorcerers
  4. Exorcisms, Deliverance and Spirit Releasement experiences Related articles
  5. Alien versus Demonic Articles   NEW!
  6. How spiritual communities are targeted and what to do about it.

1. How do these Malevolent aliens attack. what are some of their main methods motivations and  targets.

2. What aspects of humanities’ unowned shadow aspects leave us vulnerable to these attacks?

3. Let’s dive into this most recent situation with the spiritual community, can you tell us exactly what happened here?

4. What makes people who are joining spiritual communities vulnerable to this kind of manipulation?

5. In your book the Dark Side of Cupid many of the love bite victims where spiritual seekers people doing yoga meditating, people that believe in soul mates, synchronicities how can advanced spiritual seekers be so blind to this?

6. What aspect of ourselves do we seem totally blind to here and how can be hold the mirror up and look at things as they truly are?

7. What steps can we take to shore up the leaks in our human frailty.

Join Eve and Sienna this Sunday,  June 16th at 10am to 12pm Pacific time for our Shadowland Cybersalon. This is a private conference call where we will answer your  questions address your concerns and  work directly with the ones of you who wish it you around the topics discussed in this June 14th Illuminating the Shadowland radio broadcast. You are also most welcome to simply listen. Our intention here is to offer solutions and support around these deep topics. We are looking forward to a rich sharing in this private and intimate venue.

To join the conference:

Call   712 432 3100

Enter the Code  403542

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