Hyper-dimensional Hacking Trauma and Reclaiming Your Soul

This is an interview and open discussion with Eve Lorgen and Bernhard Guenther & Laura Matsue on the Cosmic Matrix Podcast. We speak about how hyper-dimensional forces can hijack us via unresolved trauma and the importance of reclaiming our soul.

In the first hour, we speak about how hyper-dimensional influences can affect love relationships and how this relates to personality disorders and narcissistic abuse relationships. We also speak about traps of agreements affecting certain family/ancestral lines, how these agreements can even be made in past lives and the importance of taking responsibility for our healing process, and moving away from blame. We also speak about CPTSD, spiritual bypassing, the importance of compassion and how unresolved trauma may cause paranoia. The importance of somatic work and going through the grieving process accelerates healing, and the simplicity of Beingness as a key to the real transmutation of trauma, rather than over identification on mental narratives, ego stories of self referential importance and the common pitfalls we so often see in the “alternative experiencer” communities.

In the second hour we dive much deeper and speak about the mRNA vaccine technology and how it may disconnect the soul from the body [soul harvesting], the globalist agenda to introduce a synthetic human via transhumanism and AI, why it’s important to not get trapped in the “mental realm” and the power of loving-kindness when engaging in the healing process.

I mention the benefit of Non-Violent Communication (NVC) skills and also bring attention to the common communication failures that can happen with “non-empathic” people, and personality disordered people who lack the intention and capability for compassionate communication, and those who will not play “fair” with any notion of empathy and “essential goodness”. I also add that communication strategies one can use for “narcissistic abuse” relationships can be employed such as “gray rock” and the benefit of just “being boring”.

We also speak about how the solutions are much simpler than we think. Compulsions such as an addiction to spiritual materialism as a red flag (arrogance in knowledge) and seeking “more advanced” knowledge and information. How many people think they’ve worked through their “stuff” but are lying to themselves and others. The issue of gurus, coaches and therapists who have not worked through their own stuff becoming hosts for occult forces and how to get out of the doom & gloom fear mindset. Most importantly, why it is of critical importance right now to reclaim our soul and reconnect to who we truly are in order to counteract the matrix agenda.

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