Graham Hancock and the War on Consciousness

This is a video presentation by TED Talk which was BANNED, but luckily it’s out on Youtube. Hancock talks about his experience with Ayahuasca, the Ethnoegen that many South American shamans use for visionary and healing purposes.

Ayahuasca is a female spirit herb teacher known by shamans all over the world  (but especially South America) for teaching via visionary altered states of consciousness. In Hancock’s experience he was able to see what his former addiction to marajuana was doing to his consciousness, soul and life. He also was shown what happens to the soul after death, and the dangers of not protecting the Soul when living lives disconnected from divine Soul wisdom. This was life changing for him, after which he quit marajuana and felt liberated from this drug addiction. He also understood the importance of the connection to divine Soul essence as the key for all individually and collectively with the problems facing this planet. His realization also brought him to the conclusion that there is a major war on consciousness on this planet. This is not just because Ayahuasca is considered illegal in many countries, but because our technocratic, archontic controlled-global elite is deliberately keeping us dummied down.

I personally do not think one needs Ayahuasca or psychahedelic herbs to enter into visionary states, but shamans the world over have done this safely for years in order to experience certain mystical states for teaching and healing purposes, not recreation.

I’ve made the statement in my “Dark Side of Cupid” book, about what we are experiencing in paranormally influenced love connections (where energy vampirism is present) is a direct assault on the raising of human consciousness. What we are seeing and experiencing in many ways is a war on our soul and freedom of consciousness. This will not end until each of us individually takes personal responsibility to connect to divine Soul essence and wisdom.

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