Eve’s Interview on Superwoo Radio Now Available

Eve was interviewed by George Kavassilas and Jason Bawden Smith on Superwoo Radio Feb. 6, 2013.

This show was an in depth view of how I got started in Alien Abduction related research, my inspiration through Dr Karla Turner and Barbara Bartholic, The Love Bite, Alien Manipulation, The Dark Side of Cupid, and the groundbreaking work of Dr. Corrado Malanga. We had a lively discussion on so many aspects of the Alien Agenda. George talked about many of his experiences and how they fit in with the findings of Eve’s own research and Dr. Malanga’s. It’s nearly 3 hours and a truly eye opening discussion of the alien agenda in all its facets.

Here is the podcast: http://www.superwooradio.com.au/podcasts

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