Evie Interview with Kelli Coffee  The Raw Truth on 11/12/015:

This is a two hour video interview, where Kelli and I discuss the latest findings in my own Love Bite/Dark Cupid and Twin Flame research, etheric “implants”, hyperdimensional beings orchestrating love bite connections and more.

*7/29/016 : In this interview we discussed whether removing chakras is something that helps clear out the vulnerability of being “implanted”, and Kelli describes what she did to remove them. I had stated I did a chakra clearing previously–but I will say now I feel this is a very subjective thing and may not be an accurate description of things. I did this myself in a visualization self clearing, when I work with sensing what is present inside while going through the microcosmic orbit energetically. In hindsight, I do not believe I removed any chakras per se, but only cleared out other energetic debris that can embed itself in my field. Now I do not think it’s wise to try to “remove your chakras” since these appear to be natural bioenergy structures within our energy bodies. Instead, do meditation awareness processes with intention to clear, get insight on anything that is present that is not really you or benefitting you or others. Then work on clearing out anything that you sense from Source Spirit wisdom what it tells you is not you or of benefit to you.

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