I am honored to be able to be a guest on Revolution Radio’s “Queen of Hart” Show with Joanna Christine Hart on Thursday, March 10 at 2-4 pm Eastern time.  I hope to be able to discuss relevant information and experiences regarding not only the “alien love bite” and Dark Side of Cupid topic, but how this relates to so many “milabs” and supersoldiers lives, along with the hidden aspects of interdimensional interference, including astral tagging and operations. Many experiencers of MK Ultra and the deeper occult aspects of these programs are now waking up to the subtleties of how deep this rabbit hole goes. To tune in live go to the Queen of Hart link on Revolution Radio at this link:


Christine’s FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/christinejoanna/

Youtube url will be posted after the show.

I also have the youtube link for a great Radio Show  from March 2015 with Jay Pee, that was just released on Youtube. We did have a little sound echo in the first 8 minutes but it’s ok after this for the rest of the radio. I did a thorough overview of the love bite, differences between the alien love bite orchestration of love relationships versus the Dark Side of Cupid interdimensional vampirism aspect in relationships interfered with on many levels. We talked about the genetic aspects of why certain bloodlines are targeted, therapy considerations to become free and much more.


In addition to these radio interviews I wanted to post several of Chris Hart’s recent shows with James Bartley, Sethikus Boza and Max Spiers. All these interviews discuss the cutting edge realizations of how deep the milab/supersoldier rabbit hole goes with respect to hidden occult aspects of programming, “linguistic spell casting” symbols, astral operations, astral alters, and the magikal modes of dimensional control on many levels. This includes the harvesting and entrapment of “life force loosh” in the lower astral levels and on Earth under the control of dark sorcerers and high level demonics and principalities. I hope to continue on this vein with my own interview with Chris Hart in recognizing this kind of interference and modalities to break free and integrate into wholeness and sovereign power. We are all learning this in our own unique ways and unless we educate others in the real state of affairs, it will only continue.

James Bartley and Olivia on Chris Hart Queen of Hearts Show:
Bases 50, published on Feb. 12, 2016.


Max Spiers and Chris Hart Show with Miles Johnson:


Great Interview Chris Hart with Sethikus Boza:


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