Eve Lorgen on the Michael Decon Show

Michael Decon and I enjoyed a lively discussion on the topic the Alien Love Bite and Dark Side of Cupid research and a lot more! We delved into some historical and largely hidden work of the late Barbara Bartholic, such as cult groups hiding reptilian UFO and “ET contacts” and the darker nature of the vampiric underbelly of so much of the sexual nature of these beings masquerading as ETs.

We talked a bit about my own experiences and deeper insights of the entire phenomena as it is continuing to unfold even now. Ultimately, my position on anomalous trauma is to prioritize the therapeutic recovery from Complex Trauma and address the spiritual components of the experiences. Even though this subject matter of ETs, UFOs and even the Reptilian and sexual nature of the darker elements are hot topics in terms of intellectual discussion and even trending entertainment for some circles, the bottom line is recovery from these traumas, so that greater clarity can arise within each person, as they tune into a more natural, spiritually discerning and empowered position in their lives and relationships.

As I have observed over the years in the field of Ufology, Paranormal, Mind Control Whistleblowing and even the Lightworker “Healing Community”, the tendency towards counterfeiting original research material and its findings is often shifted to modified and even corrupted definitions of the original term, meaning and type of experience or give credit to the researchers behind its introduction into the larger “truther” paranormal, spirituality and healing communities. In other words, there are a lot of copycats out there eager to co-opt original work in order to bring attention to their own channels, business and narratives of what they think is happening.

In a future article or interview I want to discuss how this counterfeiting compulsion is driven by archontic forces, which when brought to its ultimate goal and interdimensional “handling”, causes a type of erasure of real history and definitions of terms, even in language.

The first part of the show is on YouTube and part 2 will be on Michael Decons Patreon channel.

Part One Eve Lorgen with Michael Decon 2/14/22

Part Two will be available in the near future on Michael’s Patreon Channel and Website at:


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