Eve Lorgen on Shadowland Voyagers for Follow-up Radio Show

Eve will be a guest on Shadowland Voyagers with Sienna Lee on Truth Frequency Radio on Sunday March 24th at 5-7pm PST. The show will also be available on their archives page afterwards and on the Shadowlands Voyager Youtube page.

Our first show aired on February 17, 2013, where we discussed the basics of the Love Bite and the Dark Side of Cupid with respect to how  energy vampirism and soul theft can be recognized in simple love relationships. In Episode 20, we go much more in depth with respect to how this “curse” on humanity began and what we can now do to break this curse in order to liberate humanity through the wisdom of the divine feminine.

Episode 20-Unveiling the Dark Side’s Ancient Strategy of Soul Harvesting


Sienna Lea Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWsM7R6gMphQCEBNJSipIwg

How the Divine Feminine is resurrecting the power to heal and raise humanity’s consciousness for the intended Golden Era.

Eve Lorgen author of The Love Bite and the  The Dark Side of Cupid and Sienna Lea, author of Stealing the Moon engage in an intimate discourse to help shed light on the secret maneuvers of dark side intervention that are still in play today to harvest the souls of the innocent who remain unaware of the depths of these “covert internal manipulations.” Can we, as a species, change the outcome from previous eras of false god oppression? The choice is ours.

We will be discussing how Ancient Egypt–via the archetypal power figures of Nefertiti and Akhenaton, were co opted by dark forces to harvest the last attempt for a golden age. And what can we learn from it.

The stage was set 3500 years ago for a golden age much like the one predicted in our near future. Now, as we are completing the processional cycle of March 21, 2013, we are now symbolically participating in Mother Earth’s birth pangs of a new era. It is time for the Divine Feminine to unveil and heal, after ending the cycle of suppression for thousands of years.

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Humanity stands at a crossroads. We are being fervently called by Life to develop a new awareness and sensitivity to transcend the matrix of violence that has gripped the planet for thousands of years. Birthing ourselves free requires moving into our hearts and awakening Love. Exposing the deep shadow clears the runway for our liberation, and trips the switch for awakening by internal combustion. The Earth is transforming, the game is ending and a new paradigm is being created by those who have the courage to change. Shadowland Voyagers is a show that provides a platform for self empowerment and responsibility by delving into the deep shadow self. Over the coming months we will reveal how the shadow hides in our blind spots and affects every aspect of our lives. We will provide an avenue for new understandings and insights for realizing wholeness and true authenticity by rediscovering, reclaiming and reintegrating the fragmented aspects of our individual and collectively held consciousness. Topics Covered on Shadowland Voyagers: What are the hidden  mechanisms of internal power and control that tie us to the matrix of violence? How is personal sovereignty tied to the surfacing of the Deep Shadow? How does the Power Elite manipulate us through what we have not owned within ourselves. How does the Shadow hold the key to the next leap in human evolution? *****************************************************************************************

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